The Unpredictability of Being Predictable

I was sitting at my son’s hight school football game a few weeks ago and someone brought up the fact that they used to own a minivan. Suddenly, everyone around us chimed in with, “We did, too.” As I looked around at my friends (none of which drive minivans now) and thought of the cars I’d owned, I began to see a pattern.

My first car was a clunker hand me down that broke down in the high school parking lot on more than one occasion. My college car was a slightly nicer car that I wrecked by not yielding at a yield sign and it stayed wrecked until I traded it in after getting married. My first married car was a two-door sports car with a manual transmission. While that was fun, and a big improvement over my last car, sitting in rush hour traffic with a clutch wasn’t any fun at all.

Not my minivan, but it could have been.

Not my minivan, but it could have been.

Car number four was a four-door sedan we purchased during the family planning stage. It was a car, just a car, but it had an automatic transmission (thank you!) and got good gas mileage. Then came the dreaded minivan.

Yes, I had a child, and yes, I knew lots of people who drove one, but darn it, I wasn’t supposed to be one of them! I soon came to realize why everyone drove minivans. I loved the minivan’s sliding doors because, let’s face it, those infant carseats are heavy. We enjoyed taking the minivan to UGA football games where we’d pack all our friends and gear into the van for a comfortable ride to Athens. We tailgated like kings by taking the seats out and lounging around the grill in style. Speaking of taking the seats out, boy could we pack a ton of stuff into the minivan when the seats were removed. The thing was a veritable moving van.

And then my husband traded in the minivan and I was sad. Yes, I felt much cooler in my SUV, but it was hard getting the kids into their carseats. And the doors didn’t slide. “Watch the doors,” became my new catchphrase, because the under-ten crowd doesn’t care if they ding the car next to them.

Now I’m ready to size down and trade in my SUV for a comfortable sedan. According to the predictable pattern of car ownership, I’ll soon be driving a Lincoln Towncar and eating dinner at four. It’s kind of depressing to look back and note a predictable pattern of life played out through my vehicle purchases. Perhaps I’ll surprise everyone–including myself–and trade the SUV in on a convertible. But…why break a good streak?

How about you, WU? Any predictable patterns in your life?

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  1. I still drive a minivan. Guess my only predictability is that I’m still uncool. It’s practical, it runs great and it’s paid for, though, so that’s cool in my book. 🙂

  2. I think the convertible is the gold standard for mid-life crisis. So, it’s predictable, too.

  3. I had a van when I was pregnant and soon after my son was born it overheated and cracked a head… so I went to a Truck… had that for a few years then went to a Taurus for a couple of months and traded that to a Mustang which I’ve had ever since… back in ’09 I also got the truck back. Both are paid for and one is 21 years old(the truck) and the Mustang is 18… if I were to ever get a newer vehicle it’ll be a 4 door jeep, but until then… My next purchase will be a ’83 Honda Goldwing from my Uncle(this is before the GW had the big huge bodies it looks like an old school Harley) so… I guess sticking with older vehicles is where I’m predictable lol

    • Sounds like your minivan days were as short as mine, Amanda! Cars are like furniture, they don’t make them like they used to, so you’re smart to stick to the older models.

      • Ahhh that’s the truth, but older vehicles are easier to work on too. The real reason I’ve stuck to the ‘Stang and Truck though? Both are Standards/Manual Transmission… Lol I can’t stand driving an automatic…

  4. We just traded our big old SUV and downsized to a VW Passat since we no longer had to take all the basketball team to their games. Plus, the gas for the SUV was draining on the budget. But I realllllly miss the SUV and hate the tiny windows and terrible “blind spots” in the VW.

    • I do love my gas guzzler, Patti. We thought about downsizing a few years ago when gas was at it’s peak, but could never find a car that drove as well. I’ll probably drive this puppy until the wheels fall off.

  5. I missed the minivan stage, Christy, although my youngest sister had one. Instead, I went from a 5L standard mustang to an SUV, mainly because the mustang didn’t like snow and, well, as you know we get a lot of snow on the Canadian prairies. 🙂 I still miss my mustang (it went to a great family who collected them) but I love that I’m no longer scared to drive on the icy roads.

    Now, I must go read all of the posts I missed this summer…

  6. Hilarious! I, too, have done the minivan, and I miss the sliding doors.

    Right now I have a practical gray four-door. If there’s any kind of vehicular pattern in my future, it’s cars that blend. I don’t like the flashy stuff!

  7. Since my husband and I don’t have kids, we never went through the minivan stage. The closest we’ve come is a 1984 Chevy Blazer we bought used, which we still have because they don’t make trucks like that anymore. I haven’t given up hoping someone will come out with a more truck-like SUV so we can replace the thing. It’s purely a utility vehicle and a bear to drive.

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