Life is a Blessing

I read the following blog post last Thursday, written by Chris Norton, the young man whose story I have the privilege of turning into a book. This post exemplifies the best of human nature. His life changed four years ago without any warning or any time to prepare. Instead of wallowing in grief and dismay, he considers every day a blessing and teaches others how to do the

If this post resonates with you, do yourself a favor and read his blog and follow his journey. You won’t be sorry!

Today, marks the four year anniversary of my spinal cord injury and I think it is a good time to reflect on everything. However, I do not need a date or anniversary to remind me of the event that took place four years ago as I am reminded every morning when I wake up in need of assistance to get out of bed.

At times it all seems insurmountable, but I constantly remind myself of where I have come from. I went from the most prime shape of my 18 years of life to having no mobility, no independence; I had hit rock bottom, but to see where I am now feels like so much more than what I had as that 18 year old athlete. I have acquired a greater appreciation for the little things that I could have never gained until my injury. Simple things like feeding yourself or brushing your own teeth.

I have found my purpose in life. Helping others with disabilities and motivational speaking. I’m in a better place in life now than I have ever been before.

October 16, 2010, seems like an eternity ago. In all honesty, I feel reborn like I am living a second life, one lifetime pre-injury and another post-injury. I do not reflect on this day in mourning but in appreciation and happiness like one would view a birthday. It is a day that started something special in my life. In fact, I couldn’t be more happy than where I am now. I have a loving supportive family, the kindest girlfriend, and the most loyal friends. I have my mind, my strength, and my will. With these things with me I feel that anything is possible. And for that I am forever grateful.

My message to everyone: appreciate the little things in life and do not take anything for granted. Do not wait until something is taken from you to appreciate it. Life is a blessing, do not waste your time stressing over it!
Chris Norton
CBS 2011 Courage in Sports Award Recipient
Motivational Speaker
Founder SCI CAN Foundation

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  1. He sounds like an awesome young man. A great inspiration to others who whine about things that are minor compared to what he’s gone through.

  2. You asked if it resonated with me? Oh yeah. When he says, “Life is a blessing, do not waste your time stressing over it!” I smiled because I try so hard to remember this and it’s very difficult to do. Thanks, Christy.

  3. Emotional and inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

  4. “Do not wait until something is taken from you to appreciate it.” Love this! Thanks for sharing.

  5. His post is a great reminder to cherish each day and not worry over the little things. Thanks for sharing this, Christy.

  6. I took a look at his blog at your suggestion, Christy, and I found it to be every bit as inspiring as this post you shared of his. Thank you for sharing! And what a blessing for you to be able to write his story. All the best to you!

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