Summer’s End

Halloween is almost upon us. In our house, we’re attempting to avoid the temptation of those itsy-bites of delicious Halloween chocolate bars. Instead our time is filled work and family…but what else is new? 🙂

Fall arrived, and with it, Mom came home from the hospital. Her arrival home coincided with a visit from our European cousins who spent the first two weeks of their Canadian vacation cruising through the mountains, and arrived at our house for the September long weekend. After they left, it snowed, and they got caught in Calgary in about six inches of snow.

Obviously they didn’t believe me when I told them that our late August, early September weather could be rather unpredictable. Here’s a picture from the kitchen of our youngest son’s house.

Surprise snowfall

Fortunately for us, the snow melted, the temperatures climbed, and we’ve been alternating between summer-like weather and the coolness of fall. Our trees have dropped most of their leaves by now, with only a few stubborn ones hanging to the branches.

Here’s a gorgeous picture of the mountain ash tree in our front yard.

Sheila's mountain ash

And a picture of the boy’s yard and the piles of leaves we’ve gathered there.

Raking leaves

My mom is recovering beautifully from her knee operation. We’ve finally figured out where the boy inherited his ramjet personality from. She’s determined to do almost everything herself, but with her knee still healing, at least she’s resisted the urge to climb the tree in her backyard.

I hope you’ve all had as an amazing fall in your part of the world. I also hope our fall weather continues well into the winter months.

An early happy Halloween to you all!

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  1. Glad to hear your mother is doing well, Sheila!! Happy Fall Y’all!

  2. Beautiful pictures, Sheila! You Canadians must have very thick blood. Happy to know your mom is home and doing well.

  3. Thank you for the gorgeous pictures, Sheila! Wow, the burnt orange of the tree is striking. Happy to hear your mom’s doing well.

  4. I can’t believe we’re near the end of October… All your photos are beautiful!

    I’m glad your mom is back, too. 🙂

  5. Always a pleasure to read your posts, Sheila. Glad to hear that your mother is on the mend. Wow … you continue to be a busy-bee with tons of stuff to handle. Snow in September??? Brrrr … I would perish for sure.

    Love the autumn colors. She is my favorite season and I miss her dearly being in the South with palm trees and balmy weather.

    Enjoy Spook Day and the days leading to our Holiday season 🙂

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