The Passion Planner — It’s Not What You Think!

I’ve been taking an amazing life class called Becoming 360 which was created by the Uplevel Your Life/Uplevel Your Business coach, Christine Kane. I’ll tell you about the class one day soon, but what I want to talk about today is the Passion Planner.

It’s not what you think.

Recently, one of the women in the Becoming 360 private Facebook group posted a link to the Passion Planner 2015 Calendar and of course, I had to check it out.

It’s actually a weekly calendar designed to be a life coach that fits in your backpack…and I fell in love with it at first sight.

Passion Planner Calendar

Passion Planner Calendar

It’s designed to help manage your time, assist with goal setting, journaling, includes inspirational quotes and, well, I can’t do it justice. Just click on the Passion Planner link and check it out for yourself. There’s even a couple of sample pages that you can download so you can test it out and see if it’ll suit your needs and help you on whatever journey you’re on.

I’ve always used an informal system to track my time, but this calendar has everything I use on a daily basis, and it’s all in one place instead of scattered all over my desk.

What kind of work or planning calendar do you use?


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  1. The pantster in me is cringing just looking at that! I need more planning in my life. I used to be good at planning my time, but that life skill has seeped away, sadly. I need to check this out. Thanks, Sheila!

  2. Well, I am definitely not a planner (I’m also a pantser writer) and I pretty much organize my life around my kids’ lives which makes it an up and down path, for sure. I do use a regular calendar to keep track of our doctor appointments, etc. but otherwise that’s as organized as I get.

  3. I live or die by my written calendar. I love the invention of the August – August calendar. Great for busy moms whose lives revolve around the school year. Thanks for sharing your passion planner!

  4. I love Christine Kane. I need to check out the Passion Planner–I keep my calendar in my head, which is terrible. If I write things down, I never go back and look at them again. Finding a system that works for me has been a struggle, so I’m open to ideas!

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