Sounds of the Season

Today is the first full day of Hanukkah, so the holidays are in full swing. For me, the season has always been about music: Carols when I was little. Sacred music when I sang in my high school and college choirs. (I still think Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus” is the most joyful 4 minutes of music ever written.)

My favorite carol is “Little Drummer Boy,” so I was entranced when this cover by Pentatonix went viral last year:

They’ve got a new Christmas album this year, and I just love this song:

Pentatonix has a very contemporary sound, but if you’d like to hear something completely different, here’s a playlist of medieval Christmas music from Anonymous 4. This selection spans a thousand years, from the fifth century to the fifteenth. It’s a wonderful reminder of the power that holidays hold, and how they inspire us through the ages.

To me, it doesn’t feel like Christmas without the music of the season playing. What about you? What puts you in the holiday spirit?

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  1. I REALLY enjoyed these songs, Andrea. Thank you. I’d seen Pentatonix once and loved them. These two songs are really beautiful.

  2. Definitely the songs, Andrea. We have a radio station that starting Dec 1 every year, plays only Christmas music. It’s my favorite time of year to listen to music. Thanks for sharing these clips!

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