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Happy-new-year-2015-wallpaper_lighting_diyasCrazy week.  Versions of the flu have taken my family by storm.  I’m sure I’m jinxing myself here, but Harper and I have avoided it thus far.  Of course, the fact that I had a book come out on Tuesday has given me an added boost of energy. 🙂  Today, I’m starting a self-imposed stay-cation.  I’m going to clean out closets–one blue bin to charity each day and then I can read!  That probably doesn’t sound like too much fun, but one of my resolutions this year is to get organized before the chaos of writing a new book begins.

Speaking of resolutions, did you make one?  Or more?  I’m not big into making promises to myself each year.  Author Lori Wilde posted something that resonated with me.  She said that instead of resolutions, she and her friends each choose a word that they hope to define the upcoming months, a word they plan to live by.  I love that idea!  My word for 2015 is Grace.  Grace for others-whether I know them or not.  And grace for me.  I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself and this business can beat you down if you let it.  My goal is to look for grace in everything I do.  Now that I’ve written it down, you all can hold me accountable!

Liz MorganHere’s some fun news:  Last year when FOOLISH GAMES was released, Sara at Harlequin Junkie asked me to name my dream cast if the book were to be made into a movie.  I hate that question for many reasons, but I did it anyway, because Sara is awesome!  Anyway, I listed a relatively unknown actress to play the quirky teenager, Sophie Osbourne.  Well, she’s known to me because she’s my neighbor. Her name is Liz Morgan and, at the time, she was about to make her motion picture debut in a low budget film about the rapture called The Remaining.  The film was a bit campy, but it lasted a lot longer at the box office than Nicholas Cage’s rapture pic.

Fast forward a year. After getting that movie role, Liz went on over 150 auditions with no success.  Oh, how we writers can relate, right?  She applied to Julliard and was rewarded with an audition.  Not everyone who applies gets one.  Of course, right after she got that great news, she was cast for a three episode guest starring role in Chicago Fire!  Yep, as I write this from my warm kitchen, Liz is currently jumping out of a burning building in snowy, freezing Chicago.  Isn’t that cool?  I’ll keep you posted with the dates when her episodes will air.

That’s all I’ve got today. Happy New Year and stay warm and healthy! And if you need a beach fix, I’ve got a book for you!



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  1. Back to Before sounds like my type of read. Gotta get that one. The story about your neighbor is a great one. And you know when people talk to me about writing and publishing I tell them it’s similar to trying to become a movie star or winning the lotto as far as having your book become a bestseller and/or living off of your royalties.

  2. Enjoy your staycation! Sorry about the bug…oldest had it over the break–not fun!

  3. I like the idea of a word instead of a resolution. I may. Try that.

  4. Thanks, Tracy. My word for 2015 is going to be “productivity.” Now I’ve got to break that down and figure out how to get there!

  5. Grace. I love it.

    How exciting! I do like that show… or, more accurately, all the hotties who star in it. Definitely keep us posted about the air dates! Congratulations to Liz!

  6. Tracy, congratulations on your new release … and on avoiding that nasty flu bug! How cool it must be to have an actress living right next door. I suspect we’ll one day see a heroine-actress in one of your stories? 🙂

    For the last year, I’ve been following Christine Kane’s blog and late last year, she introduced me to her Word of the Year concept. I totally fell in love with it and chose Prolific as my 2015 word. Your choice — Grace — is absolutely beautiful!

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