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Time, It Continues



I can’t believe 2015 charged out of the gate days ago. I’ve been holding onto its horns ever since, trying my best to be completely alert and engaged, all while enjoying the ride. It’s how I want my whole year to be.

The way life seems to speed along—and continually gain momentum—isn’t a new phenomenon for many adults. (Though even my two tween daughters mind it once in a while.) Neither is, I suspect, the acceptance that the faster time goes, the more significant it becomes, and how much bigger our job is to make the most of what we have.

Yada yada. I could go on about how important perspective is, how it fluctuates for us, about how life over time is cyclical, but instead I’ve compiled some of what I found to be the most insightful thoughts related to the passage of time.

In 3… 2… 1… (See what I did there?)

“I know this much: that there is objective time, but also subjective time, the kind you wear on the inside of your wrist, next to where your pulse lies. And this personal time, which is the true time, is measured in your relationship to memory.” — Julian Barnes, The Sense of an Ending

“She knew that this day, this feeling, couldn’t last forever. Everything passed; that was partly why it was so beautiful. Things would get difficult again. But that was okay too.” — Lauren Oliver, Panic

“Time does not pass, it continues.” — Marty Rubin

“Life is defined by time, appreciate the beauty of time.” — Lailah Gifty Akita

“Life’s impermanence, I realized, is what makes every single day so precious. It’s what shapes our time here. It’s what makes it so important than not a single moment be wasted.” — Wes Moore

“Everything turns slower when she’s not around, but when she’s with me, an hour feels like a blink of an eye.”  — Rea Lidde

“Time has this way of slowing down and speeding up, depending on how it feels.” — Carol Lynch Williams, Waiting

“Time is your only enemy, it disappears very quickly and never gives you a second chance.”– Steve Douglas

This, you might say, is our time.

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