Are We Worthy?

Maybe it’s because of my age, but it seems as though every month another person is diagnosed with cancer and it sickens me. Cancer doesn’t discriminate. It strikes without concern for socioeconomic standing, gender, lifestyle, age, or religion. In a nutshell, we are all at risk. medium_4919795171

For that reason, the recent news of a measles outbreak in Disneyland currently spreading throughout the country has struck a nerve. I easily learned via a quick Google search that the measles vaccination has been available since 1963, with updates and inclusions as recent as 2005. Thanks to the measles vaccination, measles was all but eradicated until a few celebrities with a platform and little knowledge linked autism with vaccinations, and now it’s back…

I pray daily for my friends and acquaintances suffering with cancer and for the wisdom of humans to destroy the disease. If we ever reach the point where we can kill cancer cells, I have to wonder if we will flutter those advancements away based on rumor the same way we did with the measles?

My generation (post 1963) grew up spoiled by the protection provided by vaccines of previous generations. Look at how callously we tossed aside years of work by researchers who created the vaccine for measles and a host of other communicable diseases we no longer fear. If we don’t know our history, we’re bound to repeat it. Sadly, we don’t know history.

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  1. Well put. It’s not some conspiracy. Vaccines save lives.

  2. I agree with you. All the research and advancements to help eradicate diseases and then a few people disseminate information that impacts thousands, making it all seem like a wasted effort.

  3. One by one, the researchers find a cure for each disease. I read somewhere that they were close to one for AIDS. Hopefully there will soon be a breakthrough for cancer.

  4. You said all of this very well. *fist bump*

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