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Busy (Blessed) is as Busy (Blessed) Does

Most weeks in my world are balanced and easy-paced, but then others have me gasping for breath before day one even sees high noon. These are the ones that make me go, “Ack!”

Case in point, here’s our week — and in only four days, because school was out Monday:

A detailed craft project. A presentation with costume and hair and speech, to be well planned and well practiced. Soccer registration. Class pictures. Valentine’s cards, and treats for two classrooms (because apparently I double-booked). A club meeting, for which both daughters are officers. Laundry. Meal planning and making. Regular homework. Bill paying. Following up with an organization I’d inquired of, who needs additional info. Deciding whether or not to pursue a business opportunity offered to me. That full-time job I have. Honoring the commitment I made my writing group. Being present. Quality time. Sleep. The whole nine. 

It’s not just physical motion, it’s mental work. That’s what exhausts me the most.

I’m not meaning to complain. I’m thankful. All of this means my girls are able and active. It means that I have responsibility and possibility. And I want to participate in each moment, that’s what life is about.

It’s just I can’t wait until 5 p.m. on Friday…

Do you look for the blessings amid the busy?

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