Two Days Late…And Six Months Behind

I’m two days late…no, not that kind of late! You probably noticed I missed posting on my regularly scheduled Wednesday. Oops and apologies!

IMG_1460Late last summer, our youngest bought a farm. It was almost everything he wanted. Two big sheds. A barn. A double-wide heated garage. And a house that needed only minor work.

Except when we moved in to paint the house, we found a few issues, uncovered them, fixed them, then found a few more. And on and on it’s gone.

During the fall and winter, in our spare time, we stripped the house to the outer walls, so all that was left was the shell, then we began the interior remodeling: proper insulation, stripping out old and often questionable electrical wires, moving interior walls around to make the kitchen and bathroom bigger, etc.

This week, the demo is over. We all took the week off from work (although I did sneak in some writing time on the trips to the farm in the morning) and began to replace the electrical wire.

Although we built our last two houses, we always had someone else do the electrical work for us. So this is the first time I’ve ever pulled wire through a house and it was really cool. Hard, exhausting, and a great workout for the shoulders and upper arms and back, but still really cool.

So today is the final day for electrical work. Then our youngest calls the electrical inspector who will come to check to make sure the work meets code (does anyone watch Mike Holmes?!). And then it’s on to laying the sub-floor.

What did you do with your week?

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  1. Wow, I really admire this, Sheila! My husband is an electrical engineer, and does a lot of DIY projects. But I could never imagine myself running electrical wire. Projects like this are a lot of hard work, but you must feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment. And think of the money you saved doing it yourself!

  2. This is so awesome, Sheila! What a wonderful accomplishment and what great skills you have. I really admire you.

  3. Sheila, after reading this, I need a nap. I have a vicarious pain in my lower spine and I think I need to get drunk. How … I mean … how on earth do you do all that?? My idea of fixing is to call someone and get out of the house while they work 🙂

    I lived through my brother doing all of this with two houses and I never once offered to help. Bad girl … bad bad and … well he had his wife and four kids 🙂

    • Florence, I enjoy the physical aspects, although I’m not strong so I do have limits to what I can handle. I do not, however, enjoy the dust and dirt, and I will only do these sorts of things for my children. The rest of the time, I “call a guy”. 🙂

  4. My goodness, what an ordeal! I hope it goes smoothly from here on out.

    Lots of great irons in my fire fight now, including that I’m working toward buying a house myself. I’m nervous about it, because of things like your son has encountered, but it’s the right move. Yay!

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