Movie Review: The Judge

Hubby and I recently watched the Robert Downey Jr., Robert Duvall movie, The Judge (2014). You can watch the trailer here. We both loved it, and as a writer, I loved the layers represented in this drama about a father/son relationship gone bad. From the very beginning, the viewer knows the relationship went sour sometime in the cornpast, but instead of telling us exactly why, the film leads us along, dispelling our initial assumptions in ways that leave us guessing—guessing until the very end.

I hate to admit that growing up I wasn’t much of a reader. I was addicted to movies and television, too busy to sit still long enough to finish a book. My love of reading didn’t develop until adulthood, but once it did, I never looked back. Nowadays, I spend way more time reading and very little time watching TV and movies. Every once in a while, I watch a movie that rekindles my first love. The Judge was a great movie, and for those interested in writing craft, it serves as a case study for grounding viewers in the present and not giving too much of a story away too fast.

So take an evening and give it a whirl. Call it research. Call it a treat. You can thank me later. 🙂

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