Living With Attention Deficit Disorder

When my son was diagnosed with ADD in second grade, my husband and I were advised to read up on the condition to better understand it and how to help him deal with the condition. ADD is a hereditary condition and one of the books listed the signs and symptoms of ADD. Assuming the person reading the book either had ADD or was the parent of someone with ADD, the authors pointed out that having a certain number of those symptoms probably meant you too had ADD.14888580601_12679ac7c2

Turns out I had ADD, and so did my husband. In truth, I think most people have some form of the disorder. As a classic case, I used exercise to counteract the effects of my ADD. For years, I couldn’t focus my mind unless I’d gotten the willies out by taking long walks, runs, and spending hours at the gym. Not only did I settle my mind, but I ended up helping my body as well, a win-win.

In fact, I continue to use exercise to balance my lack of focus, and now I do so consciously. I’ve purchased a shelf that straps onto my treadmill and exercise bike so I can exercise and work on my laptop at the same time. I find this really gets my creative juices flowing. Walking my two dogs around the neighborhood helps whenever I need a break and also generates many story ideas and helps navigate through plot holes. Even something as simple as vacuuming or changing sheets on the bed frees the mind and helps with focus.

Do you suffer from ADD, either diagnosed or suspected? How do you cope?

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