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Favorite Romance Themes

romantic interracial coupleDo you have favorite romance themes? Author Mandy Klasky has an article on her blog with a long list of romance plot devices. The best books combine two or more of these themes to weave them into a unique story.

My favorites are those that take an existing relationship and turn it on its head, like friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, brother’s best friend, gay for you, and forbidden love. I also enjoy multicultural romance, because it often pits characters against society or social expectations.

I’m less interested in themes involving deception, like secret baby, fake engagement, or secret identity. I’m also getting a bit weary of alpha heroes and billionaires. (Okay, I admit it, I have a thing for engineers. I’ll take a beta hero over an alpha any day.)

My current sexy romance series, under my pen name Andrea Dalling, combines two themes: friends-to-lovers and second chances. It focuses on three couples who were friends in high school and find a second chance at love at their five-year reunion. It’s been fun exploring their past relationships and how the characters have changed and grown over the years. Mistakes and regrets from the past challenge the current relationship. But of course, because it’s romance, love conquers all in the end.

What are your favorite romance themes? Is there anything you’re tired of seeing, or would like to see more of?

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