Juggling Act

These days I find myself juggling hats. Genres, actually, and very different ones at that! And when I say different, I mean it. This year, I’ve decided to publish a children’s fiction series that’s been simmering in my heart for several years. Centered around my love for gardening, my love for children and the discovery of all things new and nature, Show Me The Green! is the result. It’s a middle grade novel filled with real-life adventures in the garden, inspired from my years volunteering in my kids’ school garden. Intended as a fun but educational read, I think of it as “Judy Moody meets the Magic Tree House.”

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Kids will learn the basics of organic gardening as they follow the adventures of Lexi and Jason Williams. It’s completely different from my adult romance novels, but equally as compelling a story for me to write. So much so, I’ve three other books already outlined and ready for some keyboard action!

However, the process can be exhausting. The ebook format will be full color which required a lot of thought and collaboration with illustrators. The new website has also proven a challenge, as I had to conceive a completely new look. The good news? It’s been a lot of fun. The bad news? It’s put my current romance series on the back burner which is NO fun. I mean, I’m excited about it, too, but a gal only has so many hours in the day to write and create and, oh yeah, be a mother and a wife on the home front. Enter summer break, and we’re talking serious challenge juggling the three. Can I do it?

Do I have a choice?

Simple answer, no. When the muse strikes, an author will follow. When the family calls, a mother will answer. It’s just the way I’m wired. I will say it keeps me young. (And at my age, that’s a good thing!) Wanna know more about my new children’s books? Check out D.S. Venetta


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  1. Good for you, Dianne, for following your heart. What I’ve learned over the past year and writing something completely different is that the romance will be there when you get back to it, and you may even be more energized from having taken a break. Best of luck with the kids books!

  2. Thanks, Christy! It is VERY exciting for me!

  3. Dianne, that’s wonderful. Congratulations on the new series!

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