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RWANYCI’ve got another author to introduce you to!  But first, a story.  The journey to publication is different for everyone and never, ever, predictable for any writer.  When I first started out in this business, I decided to find my tribe, so to speak, at the local RWA chapter in Atlanta.  As luck would have it, I met not one, but two, dear friends through those meetings. Both have walked beside me on my path to being an author.  If you’re a regular follower of this blog, you already know one of those amazing women–Christy Hayes–who blazed her path differently than I did, achieving success much more quickly.  In fact, if you’ve been following social media or the national news these past few weeks, you’ll see her name on the cover of an upcoming book that is garnering a lot of national attention.  But I’ll let her tell you about that when it’s her turn to post.  I’ll just say here that I’m so stinking proud of her!

Today, I want to introduce you to our third partner in crime, debut author Susan Sands.  Like Christy and myself, she’s a wife and mother, first and foremost, but she’s also a wonderful story teller with a strong Southern voice and great wit.  And, as an added bonus, when we go on our writing retreats, she’s the mother hen who cooks all our fabulous meals and desserts.  Susan’s first book, AGAIN,ALABAMA, will be available for digital download beginning next Friday, June 12. The print version will be released August 26.

susan sandsAbout Susan:

Susan Sands grew up in a real life Southern Footloose town in Northwest Louisiana, complete with her senior class hosting the first ever prom in the history of their tiny public school with half the town chaperoning. Is it any wonder she writes Southern small town stories full of porch swings, fun and romance?

Susan lives in Alpharetta, Georgia surrounded by her husband, three young adult kiddos and lots of material for her next book.

Thanks for stopping by today, Susan!  We can’t wait until next week when the book is released.

Where can readers find you?
My readers can find me on my Facebook Author page
On Twitter @susannoelsands
On my blog, Sweet Home Alpharetta at

If someone wrote a book about you, what would the title be and why?
Hmmm. Maybe, Country Girl Come to Town. I grew up in a tiny town in Louisiana and now I live in suburban Atlanta. But I guess I’ve been out of the country for a long time. My current lifestyle is vastly different from how I grew up.

What are 5 things readers should know about you?
1) I love to cook but hate to clean. 2) I’m shy in a big group, but love people. 3) Family dynamics of all sorts fascinate me. 4) I hate cardio. 5) I love the beach and the lake.

What is the significance of the title AGAIN, ALABAMA?
This book has taken many forms. The original title was Misery, Alabama, but my publisher rightly pointed out that it wasn’t a very romantic title. Again, Alabama is apt, as my heroine is dragged back to her small town—again.

Please share a few random facts about AGAIN, ALABAMA.
I drew upon my experiences growing up in a small town to write this story.
My heroine’s family looks like how I imagine it would be to have a gaggle of crazy siblings. I only had one brother, who is now deceased.
The secret ingredient in my heroine’s award-winning pecan pie recipe is white chocolate.
The therapy scenes came natural to me. I had my friend, a clinical therapist, look them over. I often wondered if I should have gone into the field of psychology/mental health.

What was your favorite scene to write?
Scarily, the Bean Family Reunion.

It came from a real scenario where my cousin, Ruth, and I saw a sign in a New Orleans hotel for the Bean Family Reunion. We began to wonder what sort of beans might be in attendance. We met a few. They were lovely.

Who would you cast in the role of your characters if your book were optioned for a movie?
I would always go for Matthew Mcconaughey as my leading man, Grey. It’s the drawl, y’all, oh, and his fantastic everything else. I think I would choose Jennifer Garner for the leading lady because she has such a fresh face. Her persona reminds me of Cammie.

If you could have given your characters one piece of advice before the opening pages of the book, what would it be and why?
Chill, y’all. Things have a way of working out.

What are you currently working on? What other releases do you have planned for 2015?
I am writing the next two books connected with AGAIN, ALABAMA.

To celebrate Susan’s book birthday next week, I’m giving away TWO digital copies to randomly selected people who comment. Just tell me your favorite book set in a small town. Be sure and leave a comment before June 12th.  And check back here next Friday for the winning name!


Cammie Laroux is back in Alabama—again.

Dragged back to her small town to help her mother recover from surgery while rescuing the family event planning business should be a cinch. Even for a disgraced television chef, right? Wrong.

Among the many secrets Cammie’s family’s been hiding is the fact that their historic home is falling down. Oh, and the man hired to restore the house, Grey Harrison, is the same high school and college love of her life who thrashed her heart and dreams ten years ago. Yeah, that guy.

Grey, a widower with a young daughter, has never stopped loving Cammie, and when they are face to face once again, the chemistry is off the charts. Cammie may be in full-blown denial, but letting go is no longer in Grey’s vocabulary, even when winning Cammie’s forgiveness and renovating their love may seem like an impossible build even for a master architect and carpenter.

As Cammie finds herself forgetting all the reasons she can’t trust Grey or love again, he finds himself remembering all the reasons he wants her to stay with him in Alabama… forever.

This book will be released digitally on Friday, June 12.  Go to Tule Publishing for buying information. While you’re there, pick up the great Father’s Day Romance Bundle for .99!

Father's Day Bundle FRONT


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  1. I’m so thrilled for Susan and can’t wait to read the full text of Again, Alabama! Susan is a true southern belle who dotes on her family and friends. Those who know and love her are blessed to have her in their life. If you ever get to eat her cooking…well, let me just say, I’ll clean for her any day! Congrats, Susan!

  2. I loved the book Was so pleasantly surprised how much I adore “southern lit”. Great debut, loved the characters! And proud I joined Tracy’s “tribe” too at GRW! I met Susan while enjoying Tracy’s books last year and looked forward to this release. SO pleased for all of you! PS. Tracy also helped me to find another great author, Christy! Fearsome threesome…such a great team of women!

  3. Y’all are making me blush! Thanks so much for the support, ladies. I’ll cook for you any day–but I really do hate to clean.

  4. Susan, I am so very proud of you and the book. Hard work pays off, and you have always been a hard worker. I can hardly wait to get my copy.

  5. Thanks so much, Mrs. Walker. Everyone, this is Mrs. Wanda Walker. She taught me English in elementary school and junior high, 7th Grade Louisiana Studies, and she was the gifted and talented teacher and sponsor at our school. She now is retired, but is a client at my mom’s beauty shop and keeps up with me on Facebook!! She also has read my earlier manuscripts! Small towns are the best!

  6. Cinde Wakefield

    Love, Love, Love reading romance novels on my kindle so I’m so excited to read a romance novel written by such a wonderful lady! Susan, I know it will be great and I’m so excited to read Again, Alabama and all your future novels!

  7. Kathi Normand

    Filled with anticipation and excitement to read this upcoming book!

  8. Can’t wait to read your book, Susan! So happy for you!

  9. I can’t wait to read this book! Susan has a gift for writing Southern romance! She is going to hit the reading world by a storm with her southern charm!!! So excited for you!

    • You were so sweet to read it and tell me you liked it way before it was ready!!!!!!!! Thank so much for all the years of support, Lee Anne!

  10. Denise Spenello

    So excited for you Susan! It looks like it will be a great read!

  11. Congratulations, Susan! You have worked hard and deserve every success. Hope to see you again soon!

  12. Christy Gary

    I was blessed to be Susan’s neighbor in Alpharetta for a few years. Love her dearly and love to eat her cooking! Her Crawfish Étouffée is amazing! Can’t wait to read your book! Love you!

  13. Linda Darcy Noel

    Susan,or Sue, as we call you, all the things we are saying about you are true! Your Dad and I are so proud of you,we always knew that you were smart. Your love of reading has brought you to the point of telling the stories now. What great stories they are too! Hope everyone loves your stories as much as I do. Love you so much, Mom!

    • Thanks, Mom! I have the best parents in the world and am so lucky to only have known such love and support my entire life. It never occurred to me I couldn’t do something! Love you!

  14. Amy Erickson

    Susan personifies southern charm and inspires me on all levels! I always ask her “is there anything you can’t do?!” Her creativity is a gift to all who know her! If you’ve never had her dumplings you are truly missing out!!! Can’t wait to read the electronic copy of AGAIN, ALABAMA!!!

    • Amy, you are an amazing woman as well, and so strong and graceful in all you do! Thank you for such words of support and kindness. Dumplings coming your way very soon!

  15. Michelle Josting

    Susan, I’m so proud and happy for you. I can’t wait to read it and I was so glad to hear you are working on more.

  16. Cathy Hedges

    Sounds good

  17. I can’t wait to read Susan’s book! Sounds like a perfect summer read for a girl who’s really from AL!

  18. Laurice Mcclung

    Thx for the chance

  19. So many favorite books set in small towns. Loved TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD and GWTW growing up; a more recent read SAVANNAH BLUES by Mary Kay Andrews. Her digital day is my b’day so this would be a cool gift. Reading about you three forging a friendship via RWA is confirmation for me to join. Thanks for the opportunity.

  20. Susan I am so excited for you and can’t wait to read your book! I already proud that I know someone famous and the book hasn’t even been released yet! Since Tracy asked us to comment on favorite books set in small towns, I will say that I loved the Mitford series by Jan Karon.


    Preordered Kindle. So proud of you!!

  22. Fun! Thanks for this, ladies. Best to you, Susan!

    And what a great picture that first one is. 🙂

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