The Beginning of the End

The bus stop back in the

The bus stop back in the “early days”.

Like most parents at the close of summer, I’m happy to see the yellow school buses crawling through the subdivision streets, marking the beginning of another school year.  Except this year, the beginning is actually the end for me.  Monday will mark my last ‘First Day of School’–EVER!  I’ll admit to feeling a little melancholy.  Not to mention, a lot poorer!  This year’s school supply list included extras like senior treats, grad portraits, a parking pass, and a nearly impossible to find white dress for the first day.

Where did the time go?  When she was two, my daughter announced that she wanted to go to school and go without me.  No lie. I have it on videotape.  My son was “escaping” to first grade and she wanted to go, too.  While my emotions took a hit at her strong-willed independence, I foolishly believed that it would make things much easier years later when she left the nest for good.  I’ll let you know in twelve months how that works out.senior locker

For now we’re just enjoying all the “lasts” together.   The last orientation, the last band concert, the last football games, etc. This year will speed by, I have no doubt. I still can’t get over how quickly my son’s college career went.  After that, we’ll begin again with a lot of firsts:  first dorm room, first roommate, first formal, first spring break.  As the saying goes:  When one door closes, another one opens.  I’m just going to sit back with my big box of Kleenex and enjoy the moments–firsts, lasts, and every one in between!

How about you?  Do you look forward to the first day of school?


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  1. I feel ya’! This is Lyle’s senior year and its starting to sink in that he will be leaving home soon.

  2. It is a bittersweet year for sure. Some days I want him gone NOW, and others I never want him to leave. Sigh…

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