Christmas Call to Action

Gold ornaments with a shiny heart in the centerIt’s difficult to avoid Christmas carols on the radio this time of year. My favorite, as I mentioned last year, is the Little Drummer Boy. I like it because it’s about more than praise and worship. It’s active. It’s about putting your talents to use in service of God. And I think that’s a wonderful message, regardless of what faith you belong to.

Most of the major world religions focus on loving and caring for one another. Christianity is no exception. Jesus’ last commandment before the crucifixion was “Love one another as I have loved you.” In the last chapter of the gospel, Jesus says three times to Peter, “Do you love me?…Feed my sheep.”

The holidays are a good time for people of all religions—or no religion—to put aside their selfish desires and serve others with humility: feeding the hungry, taking in strangers, visiting the sick, or whatever they’re called to do. Even if it’s just playing their drum to bring joy to the world.

Do you have any holiday traditions that involve serving others?

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  1. I try to send a box to my adopted soldiers to let them know someone is thinking about them. (0:

  2. Excellent post, Andrea.

  3. Very lovely, Andrea! Merry Christmas!

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