Are You Ready for 2016?

Brain powerIt’s the time of year for making resolutions, or, as I like to call it, setting ourselves up for failure. My resolution for 2015 was to get organized. Ha! That didn’t happen. But I did publish 10 books, which was more than I expected, so I guess I can’t be too hard on myself.

Why are New Year’s resolutions so hard to keep? According to psychiatrist  Dr. David Krueger, the brain is designed to conserve energy by sticking to the familiar. Change creates chaos. So you have to work through the physiological challenges of stepping out of your comfort zone, and manage the emotions around the brain’s reaction to the unfamiliar.

If you’re determined to keep your resolutions in 2016, Dr. Krueger offers this ROADMAP to making behavioral changes that last:

R: Recognize that you’re writing your own story at each moment. Your life doesn’t happen to you; you’re creating it.

O: Own your story. Take responsibility for the reality you create.

A: Assess your story. Continue to do what works. Stop doing what doesn’t. Enhance the things you need to do better.

D: Decide the steps to get traction. Motivation isn’t necessary. You just need to have a plan and take action.

M: Map the changes needed to meet your goals. Make them tangible and methodical, so they can become routine.

A: Author the changes and make your goals reality. Avoid the pull of the old and the fear of the new.

P: Program your new identity. Internalize it so it becomes the new familiar pattern that happens automatically.

My goal for 2016 is to write 1,000 words a day and publish a novella every month. That’s an achievable goal, as long as I develop a plan and follow it.

How about you? Have you set a goal for 2016? How do you plan to achieve it?

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