Happy New Year!!


Can you believe it? Another year has flown by and it’s already 2016!  I don’t typically do the whole resolution thing but, like most people, I look at the new calendar as a clean slate, a new beginning.  Each year, I try to come up with some goals for myself both personally and with my husband.  Early in our married life, we’d sneak off for lunch during those first weeks of January and write down all the things we wanted to get down that year from getting in shape to repaving the driveway.  We’d put down our long-term goals too–it wasn’t that long ago when I wrote those crazy words write a book!

We haven’t made one of those lists in recent years.  Probably because our life has become so hectic and crazy that our everyday ‘to-do’ lists became priority one.  But 2016 will be a seminal year in the Solheim house as we become empty-nesters this summer.  Life should slow down a little–I’ve got three books coming out with three different publishers, so I’m using the word ‘should’ loosely here–and maybe my husband and I can get back to adding the dreams back onto our yearly list.

New Year's resolutionEven though I don’t make resolutions, in the last few years I’ve adopted a one word mantra to be my guide for that particular twelve months.  I started a few years ago with JOY.  I had finally achieved that dream of writing a book and getting it published and I wanted to try to soak up the JOY that went with the experience.

grace 2

My word for 2015 was GRACE.  This one is a little tougher to live by in today’s competitive world, but once I finally let go and just treated others as I wanted to be treated–whether they returned the favor or not–I felt a lot better in my own world.

This year, I’ve adopted the word RELEASE.  Well, technically I stole the word after I posed the question about New Year’s resolutions on Facebook and Kelly Thompson posted this:

My resolution is “release.” I need to let go of clutter in my house and in my life. Emotions that hold me back. Old habits. One word that covers a lot of things I need to do in my life.

I LOVE this!  Especially this year when so much is changing for me.  I’ll be letting go of my youngest child and my everyday life will be forever different.  I’d like to ‘release’ all the anxiety and stress that has plagued me these past few months, not to mention the physical stuff that has been cluttering my world. I definitely need to ‘release’ some old habits–dessert for starters!

This doesn’t mean I’m ‘releasing’ the concepts of JOY and GRACE.  I’m still going to keep those two words front and center in my words and deeds.  I’ll just add a new word to the repertoire this year.  I guess you could call that a resolution!

If you could pick a word to live by for an entire year, what would it be?

What are you most looking forward to in 2016?

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  1. I am not a resolution person but I like the idea of the one word mantra in fact since reading this post have not stopped thinking about it and I think my word is “adapt”. There are changes happening all the time and some are easy, some not but all need some effort from me, so I will find a way to good & positive with the changes if I can adapt to them. Going to give it ago anyway, Thanks for the idea.

  2. Last year, my word was Prolific, and with my focus on all the family stuff going on, all I managed was the writing. This year, I’ve chosen the word More…I want to do everything with more heart and more passion. I want to be more prolific and I want to be more social. Happy new year to everyone!

  3. Kelly Thompson

    Happy New Year! I hope we both have a wonderful year and manage to RELEASE those things we need to.

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