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With Every Season New Growth Emerges

It’s the cycle of life, the way things were meant to be. Like I tell my children, embrace change: it is the only constant in life. And change is upon us here at Women Unplugged. I’ve enjoyed sharing with you and will continue to do so, only elsewhere… BloominThyme for you gardeners. My author website for the romance lover in you. New this year, I’ve begun a children’s series using the pen name DS Venetta called Wild Tales & Garden Thrills — fun fiction for ages 7 – 10 centered around an organic garden. Book #1 Show Me The Green! has been released with book #2 about school gardens on the way this spring.

Venetta, Dianne- Show Me the Green! (RGB)

Also new this spring is book #4 in my popular Silver Creek series. Only With You takes readers on an adventure in the sky as helicopter pilots Roan Phillips and Kelly Jones struggle to save their friends from an avalanche. It’s a mountain adventure you won’t soon forget.

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For the gardening enthusiasts, don’t miss my annual “Authors in Bloom” where your favorite authors share their gardening tips and favorite recipes, plus offer prizes and SWAG! It’s 10 days of nonstop giveaways beginning April 7th.

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Another New Year

And I, for one, am glad for it. I love new years. They signify new opportunity, new hope–new everything. As an avid gardener, I embrace the chance to begin a fresh new gardening season, improving upon the last. This year, my goal is corn. I’ve grown corn. I’ve had success, as you can see from this beautiful specimen…

Corn harvest_2015

But alas, I’ve also had less than stellar results. On other cobs, my corn kernels were full and beautiful, up to a point.

corn missing kernels

*sigh* Something about pollination, or the lack thereof, prevented the cob from filling out to its peak of perfection. Might be due to a fluctuation in watering. Might be due to the fact that my corn plants weren’t staggered appropriately alongside one another, allowing for the wind to carry “the goods” from one corn plant tassel to another.

However, I will NOT be deterred. Persistence and perseverance are the name of the game in gardening (this applies to my writing career, as well) and I WILL prosper. In fact, I’ve already learned how to make lemonade from my lemons: a lovely roasted corn side from my half-pollinated cobs.

roasted corn

Doesn’t it look divine? It was, and totally easy to prepare. Simply scrape the “good” kernels from the cob, the ones kind enough to grow properly, and toss them with olive oil, salt and pepper. I threw in a few chopped red jalapeno to the mix, just for fun. Spread mixture out onto a baking sheet and roast for about 15 minutes. Delicious! And a wonderful beginning to a fabulous new year.

Spirit of the Season

Like Kimberly, I’m looking at Christmas in a new light this year. My kids are teenagers now, and while they haven’t lost all of their magical appreciation for the season, they do have a very frank understanding of Santa which significantly alters the gift-giving angle. After all, the reason for the season isn’t gifts, its God. Jesus.

Kids are great

Makes a gal feel kind of superficial and materialistic focusing on the shopping business. So I won’t. This year isn’t going to be about finding the perfect gift, the one that lights up their faces on Christmas morning. Nope. There will be gifts Christmas morning, but greatly reduced. I’ll carry the sentiment through Christmas dinner. As hostess for the family gathering, I’ve asked the relatives to dispense with our customary gift exchange. It only adds chaos to the evening, anyway. I mean, we’re talking 25 people for dinner and my house is far from a mansion. Trust me when I tell you it gets a little crazy. And to exchange gifts right before we’re serving a home-cooked meal? Double the chaos. We need all hands on deck to carve the turkey, make the gravy, toast the marshmallows atop the sweet potatoes, warm the veggies… The list goes on.

gingerbread house

Recently, I discovered that one family in our community celebrates the season without gifts. For themselves, that is, including their kids. Instead, they wrap a gift box, cut a slit in the top, then deposit money into it throughout the month. A week before Christmas, they take the money and buy food for the hungry, clothes for the homeless; wherever they see a need, they fill it.

I like it. It embraces the charitable spirit of the season and reminds me it’s time to focus on the basics. Family, friends, charity, hospitality, song and prayer. How about you? Any changes this season to your celebration?

Letting Go

I’ve been struggling with how to let go of my teenage daughter. I know it’s my job as her mother, her parent, to let her go, but I confess it’s a difficult one. Will she be ready? Will she be strong? Will she head out into the world on her own with the fearless outlook of youth?

After the events of the weekend, my struggle is intensified. My daughter and I have discussed the possibility of her studying abroad. We’ve discussed traveling to Europe this summer and beyond.

I’m having second thoughts. I realize terrorism should not be allowed to deter me, but it does. It gives me pause. Violence happens on US soil every day…from isolated home invasions to random acts of gang violence or the misdeeds of bored, desperate youth, violence happens all around us, yet we live. We persevere. And we must continue to do so, in spite of the attacks in Paris.

In the wake of these awful events, my thoughts and prayers go out to the people of France, the tourists that were only there to enjoy tparishe “city of lights.” My heart stands with every parent, every spouse, every brother and sister who have lost a loved one. Moreover, I stand with their strength and determination–to pursue their freedom, their lifestyles, and their vow to stop this violence from continuing.

We must let go of fear and embrace love. It’s the only way forward.

When You Feel Like A Salmon

Keep swimming.

That’s how I feel these days, like I’m swimming against the current. How do I expand my reach, boost my discoverability factor? There’s a sea of books on the market, a torrent of good stories to choose from. It’s overwhelming. For me as a reader, finding that next great book to enjoy can be a challenge. Do I want romance or mystery? Espionage or intrigue? Do I want an established author or do I want to try someone new?

An indangered Chum Salmon, Oncorhynchus keta, (aka. Dog Salmon) attempts to jump a small dam on the Deschutes River in Tumwater Washington. The concrete in the foreground is the opening to a fish ladder.

As an author, it’s proves a different challenge. How do I reach readers looking for stories like mine? Book fairs, expos, online, social media–potential readers are everywhere, but I can’t be. How do we connect? Word of mouth, freebie giveaways or glittery ad banners?

Maybe I should join Kimberly in her yoga endeavor. Might calm my energy, streamline my thought process. Would probably improve my sleep, too! But seriously, as I find myself counseling my high school daughter on her education going forward, I find myself drawing on the tried and true words of wisdom. “Love what you do.” You’ll be doing a lot of it. “Don’t give up.” The time will pass anyway.

“Stay true to your dreams, and your dreams will stay true to you.” Persistence pays. Perseverance makes you stronger. **breathe** Life is a journey to be enjoyed, right?

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