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A Black Friday Bargain

I’m almost done with my fourth Out of Bounds book, Sleeping with the Enemy, phew!  I should be back to my regular blogging schedule next month.  Thanks so much to those of you who’ve sent me notes of encouragement.  It means a lot!  Writing is harder than it looks and I’ve certainly learned that this fall.  Of course, I would have helped myself out had a I started with more than a title and a paragraph as a book proposal. 😉  This Christmas, I’m gifting my agent a year of I-told-you-so’s.  holiday on sale

But, while I finish this book this weekend, I didn’t want you all to miss a Black Friday deal:  My holiday novella is on sale today for .99.  One reviewer called it “sweet as a holiday dessert without the calories.”  But, it does have a Navy Seal so expect some heat, too. 😉  Grab it today to enjoy after you shop.

Happy holidays everyone!

Where Did Thanksgiving Go?

“Black Friday, black Friday, everybody loves black Friday!”

Thanks to Kohl’s Department Stores, I can’t get that obnoxious little ditty out of my head.  As if I needed another reminder that today is the official start of the holiday shopping season. Yep, only 30 shopping days left.  Perhaps you’re one of the estimated 152 million people who’ve already been shopping this morning. Or last night. Maybe, you’ve got all your shopping done.  Yes, I know there are those people out there.  One in particular will call me this weekend to let me know of her superior, Martha Stewart like, shopping skills.

Except this year, I’m not going to let it get to me.  I’m taking a stand.  I’m clinging to the last vestiges of Thanksgiving. You know, the actual holiday we celebrated this weekend.

When did we lose Thanksgiving?  It wasn’t long ago the last Thursday in November was a restful day when family gathered to eat too much, drink too much, and watch too much football. (Note to husband:  I know you think there can never be too much football, but this post is geared toward women readers.)  Yep, Thanksgiving Day was always the boring, restful, reprieve before the frantic holiday season.

Now, the Thanksgiving holiday is simply a time to fill our bellies and plan our strategy for late night shopping runs.  We comb through ad circulars while stuffing the turkey.  We ready the car, not for the long trip home from Grandma’s, but to fill it with gifts. We nap after dinner, not because we’ve overindulged, but to ready ourselves for the melee sure to follow in a discount store parking lot later in the evening.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love a good bargain as well as the next gal.  I’m just not willing to get out of my pjs to get one.  Sorry kids. Nope, you won’t get me out among those crowds, especially when OSHA has to issue warnings to retailers to protect their employees from hordes of overzealous shoppers.  I’ll sit (or sleep) this one out, thank you very much.

Will I miss the deals?  Hardly.  Many retailers have begun to offer Black Friday prices BEFORE Thanksgiving.  In fact, you can shop on Thanksgiving Day if you want—22 million folks did last year. Forget about parades with hot air balloons and marching bands.  Forget about the tryptophan daze of a turkey dinner. Nope, all of that is relegated to second place when it comes to bargain hunting.  Soon, folks will simply snap up their turkey and sweet potatoes at a mall food court so as not to miss a good deal.

Oh wait—that’s already happening!  Bass Pro Shop was open all day yesterday, treating customers to turkey they’d deep fried out in the parking lot.  (Note to husband:  If you had gone—even for a little while—you’d be eating your Thanksgiving dinner there for the rest of your life.)  Walmart and several other discount stores were open yesterday as well.

And I think that’s kind of sad.

If you were out there among the millions shopping already this weekend, l hope you got everything you were looking for.  I hope the deals were outstanding.  As for me, I’m sleeping in and enjoying my post-Thanksgiving breakfast of cranberry pancakes with a side of leftover apple pie. For dessert, I’m going to enjoy George Clooney in The Descendants.  Tomorrow I’ll take advantage of Small Business Saturday and pick up some gifts. Happy Black Friday!  Shop til you drop!

How about you?  Do you miss the old fashioned Thanksgiving? What was the best deal you found out there?

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