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ORLANDO PUBLIC LIBRARY ~ Romancing the Authors Book Signing August 2012

This weekend was the Orlando Public Library Book Signing Event and what fun!  Several area romance authors were on hand for book signing as well as meet and greet.  For me it was a double pleasure, because not only did I get to see my readers, I was able to reconnect with author friends from the Central Florida Romance Chapter like steamy author Wynter Daniels and YA writer Jax Cassidy, aka my cover designer.

Which is so valuable to me as a writer.  I spend so much time holed away in my office crafting novels, I don’t get out much! Kids think it’s so uncool.  But they enjoyed hearing stories about my readers!

My number one twitter friend stopped in today with her daughter which was so great–especially in light of the fact that my own daughter was supposed to be in attendance with me, but ditched me last minute for a sleepover!  Go figure.

And here’s a lovely Bloomin’ Warrior sporting her fabulous T-shirt and smile.  Talk about excitement, I’m not sure who was more excited to be there, her or me! (What’s a Bloomin’ Warrior?  Find out here.)

But in reality it really was a pleasure.  And more proof that it’s a small world out there.  One of my fellow romance authors signing today, Maria Geraci, was a member a my spring Authors in Bloom Blog Hop AND it turns out, good friends with a girlfriend of mine who lives in the Orlando area.

WOW.  How neat is that?  In my book, very.  As was meeting all the new readers, a few of which were also gardening fans!  Great day.  Simply great.  Thank you all for coming and look forward to the next signing. 🙂

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