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A Black Friday Bargain

I’m almost done with my fourth Out of Bounds book, Sleeping with the Enemy, phew!  I should be back to my regular blogging schedule next month.  Thanks so much to those of you who’ve sent me notes of encouragement.  It means a lot!  Writing is harder than it looks and I’ve certainly learned that this fall.  Of course, I would have helped myself out had a I started with more than a title and a paragraph as a book proposal. 😉  This Christmas, I’m gifting my agent a year of I-told-you-so’s.  holiday on sale

But, while I finish this book this weekend, I didn’t want you all to miss a Black Friday deal:  My holiday novella is on sale today for .99.  One reviewer called it “sweet as a holiday dessert without the calories.”  But, it does have a Navy Seal so expect some heat, too. 😉  Grab it today to enjoy after you shop.

Happy holidays everyone!

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