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Caught In Transition: Scattered and Splattered

I’m usually a mess. Scattered and splattered and easily brought down. I used to blame it on my creative nature. After all, I’m an artist. I wholeheartedly embrace the insanity gene I inherited from some long-dead ancestor. I mean, how else can I account for those voices whispering in my head?

But I’m in transition now, working to separate THOSE voices from MY voices.

If I allow it, MY voices loudly berate me because the dust bunnies are on the rampage and the fridge is empty…again. And listen, the roads will be icy tomorrow and I might have to leave my house and navigate ice covered streets better made for skates. And gosh, wouldn’t it be fun to head somewhere warm—sans computer—and lie on a beach and listen to the waves crash against the shoreline? Maybe spend the winter chilling with a bottle of sunblock in my hand instead of a snow shovel?

Scattered + Splattered

However, with a deadline fast approaching, my life and my thoughts must revolve around the keyboard, and the voices that whisper their story in my ear. So when MY loud voice intrudes, and I get caught up in thoughts of tasks undone, past regrets, and unlikely-to-ever-occur fears, I take a deep breath, release it, and remember…all that exists is this moment, this day…and then I unsplatter and get back to the business of completing this book.

It doesn’t matter our age, whether we work inside or outside the home, whether we have children or not, whether those children are at the diaper stage, or full grown and on their own.

Life is too short to focus on past regrets or future fears. There’s only enough time today for…well, the moments that make up today.

Scattered + Splattered

So tell me…do you celebrate each moment as it happens? Or do the voices in your head demand you spend time on past regrets and future fears and everything in-between? Please tell me in the comments below what you plan to do in the moments after you leave this page. And then tell me whether or not you’ll intentionally and deliberately block out the disruptive voices so you can immerse yourself in the joy of each moment.

How do you handle stress??

How do you deal with stress…and worry…and well, all that comes with it?

Unfortunately, this is probably me, more often than I care to admit.  LOL!

Some people can carry their personal load of chaos around in their head with them, mentally sorting out the important from the monotony, and dropping the duties neatly in their places as they go through their day or week.

Others structure their schedules meticulously, tracking everything and writing everything in calendars and lists and smartphones and walk around with the peace of one who knows there will be an alert sounding the next duty so they don’t have to remember it.

I’m in awe of any of these people!  Because I fall in between, in the chasm I call Post It Note Hell or sometimes Needing To Stop Time Psychosis.

I am a “lister” in the sense that I have no less than five or six post it notes going at one time, with everything that I need to do that day, also a planner that has everything I need to do that month.  The post it notes change, and I have to remember to open the planner, and there’s also a calendar hanging on the fridge at home for the rest of the family, but I’m usually the only one that puts THEIR things on it.  I walk around neither happily keeping it all in, nor peacefully writing it all down, but usually in a panic that me or my husband or my daughter are forgetting something vital.

This month is a nightmare, with my daughter’s birthday, my 2nd book deadline, a spiritual retreat team I’m on starts weekly meetings, and my daughter has midterms that I have to help her study for.  I still have Christmas decorations up inside my house that I have to get put away and my house cleaned before Friday night when family is coming over, and I have a meeting next week at work that I’m supposed to present information on that I don’t have information on….several months worth of non-information…because I’ve been a little “writing” focused.   I can kinda relate sorta really exactly like that picture up there.

So how do you structure your life and handle stress and craziness?  I’m curious where you fall or if you are in that chasm with me and I just haven’t seen you among all the ka-ka in there!  🙂




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