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Secrets to Staying Young

This past week I turned 50, and while some of you might be groaning at this feat, I’m rejoicing. Celebrating! For a whole week, which at my age, can prove challenging. But I refuse to give in to the aging process. It’s not for sissies, that’s for sure. I mean, getting out of bed each morning can prove daunting in and of itself, what with stiff joints and muscles, puffy eyes and an over-tired brain from an over-active mind throughout the night. But should I let that stop me from enjoying the day?

Freemont Street

Heck, no! I’ve got too much to do, too much to see–and that’s the key to aging well, or rather, staying young. Action. Intrigue. And the element of surprise…

For me, that translated to a trip to Vegas. It was my first time and probably won’t be my last. From the fountains of Bellagio to the free-wheelers on Freemont Street and the sky-high Ferris Wheel, there’s something for everyone to see and experience in this town–and everyone has an opinion on what that should be.

Venice in Vegas

I felt like a virgin getting advice on her “first time” when I told people I was going to Vegas and had never been. Their eyes lit up, smiles curled their lips and they whispered in disbelief, “You’ve never been?” Then all proceeded to tell me what I HAD to see and HAD to do while I was there.

sweet delights

I confess I didn’t make it through all the suggestions, but I certainly ate and drank my way through the town, trying a little of this and a little of that… I also took time to stop and “smell the tulips” and appreciate the significance of turning 50 and everything it meant to me. I’m on the back side of the slope, sliding down toward my Golden Years in my last “hurrah” — decades of hurrah! While many feel their best days are behind them, I think mine are still ahead. Why?

smell the tulips

Because I’m trying new things, setting new goals and going new places. I refuse to allow my life to become routine and instead, I choose to challenge myself to reach farther, jump higher–even scare myself a little. A 550 ft. high Ferris Wheel will do that to a gal with a tad fear of heights!

But it was worth it. Great views, great sensations rolling through my emotions, churning old fears into new accomplishments… It simply felt great to be alive. And that’s what living is about, right?

Yes. In my book, life is a journey. Living is a process. A very active process, one that continually stimulates the brain cells! The adrenaline cells, the panic cells, the exuberant cells…all of them. Now, where will I go at 60? No idea. I’m still recovering from 50! 🙂

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