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My First Book Signing!

As an indie author and a debut one at that, the first book signing is a MAJOR event.  By my standards, anyway.  Not knowing what to expect, I went in full board prepared for everything and anything.  I mean, I had a drawing for a free copy of my next novel LUST ON THE ROCKS, a drawing for a child’s garden bag stocked full with garden tools, gloves, seed saving packets and recipe card (rosemary lemonade), plus business cards, stock piles of my current novel…

You name it, I had it.  Everything.  And I had a great support staff behind me who created a wonderful ambiance within the small gift store, served raspberry lemonade and pastries—generally sold my book for me!  Especially one very special lady by the name of Susan.  Without her, none of this would have come to pass and for that, I am forever grateful.  It was a fantastic turnout!

While I didn’t break any sales records I did experience the incredible joy of meeting readers who came specifically to see me.  Do not underestimate the joy factor here because as an author, I don’t exist without readers.  Sure I can write to my heart’s content but with no one to read my books, how far will I go?

About as far as the kitchen counter.  My daughter will read my books, I’m sure of it.  After all, they were written with her mind!  And if she doesn’t?  Well, I’ve enjoyed the process, each and every minute.  Remember:  this is the job where I can say “I can’t believe I get paid to do this!”

It’s that pleasant.  That rewarding.  That fulfilling.  So my book signing went well and I’m extremely appreciative to all who stopped by.  Loretta won the copy of my next novel and Manya won the kids’ garden bag — congratulations to them both!  And wanna know something really cool?

Miss America’s Teen stopped by to say hello.  Yep!  This beauty was gracious and sweet and stood by my side for pictures.  🙂  Helps that she’s the daughter of a friend of mine, good friends with my younger sister and of course one of my children’s favorite babysitters — she and her gorgeous sister.  Thank you, Elizabeth and Mary Katharine Fechtel!

It’s funny how life catches us by the shoulders, stops us in place and says, “Pssst… I want you to meet someone.” 

Prior to these young ladies, I must confess, I was no fan of beauty pageants.  Thought they sent the wrong message to our young girls.  But after meeting these two and their parents–particularly their mother—I learned a lesson.  While I cannot speak for the adult pageants, the training and preparation these girls go through is tough, from learning how to interview, ask questions, present and conduct themselves to demonstrate talent in their chosen field, ie. dance, music, etc. Plus they receive scholarships and once-in-a-lifetime experiences!

Now I don’t know about you, but I get nervous when it’s interview time!  Not these girls.  Their self-composure is incredible, not to mention they’re just plain good and decent people.  And while they’re too young for me to hand them my novels (adults only, please), their support is appreciated! 🙂  As is Peggy’s, the owner of the store hosting my book signing (shown above).

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