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Games Friends Play

What do you do when a friend invites you to her beach house for the weekend with a group of women you know and like? You rearrange your schedule and go! I just returned from a weekend away from the family with lots of great memories and best of all an  appreciation for friends.

There were eight of us in one house and on the first night we were all together, someone suggested we play a game.

“Anyone have a deck of cards?” someone asked.

Sadly, we didn’t, but that never stops a group of determined moms. After much discussion about the benefits of watching the Ellen Degeneres show, someone suggested we download the ap Ellen featured on her show called “Heads Up.”¬†heads up

Within minutes we divided into two groups and began playing this very fun game. If you’re not familiar with Heads Up, this link provides all the information you need to get started:¬†!/id623592465?mt=8.

Let me tell you, there is no better way to get to know a group of people than to watch them act out with charades or call out clues under the categories “Superstars,” “Accents & Impressions,” and our personal favorite upgrade “Totally 80’s.” The quiet became loud, the serious shed their inhibitions and shook their booties, and the meek hummed out the tune to “Baby Got Back.” Soon we were laughing so hard, we could barely pay attention–forget about keeping score. We all won in this hilarious guessing game.

Needless to say, we played again the next night. I highly recommend Heads Up. Anyone have other suggestions for ice breakers?

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