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A Girlfriend’s Guide to the Super Bowl

It’s almost Super Sunday and I’m getting psyched. I love all the hype that leads up to the big game. Believe it or not, I actually love the game. I also love the food (and drinks), the music and those commercials. It’s Americana at its best.

Unfortunately this year I don’t have a dog—or a bird as it were—in the fight. Both teams playing Sunday defeated my teams. The Giants in a romp over the Falcons (if those guys even WERE the Falcons) and the Patriots in a sick win over the Ravens. Seriously, Billy, you’re a professional kicker. You can’t put a 35-yarder through the uprights? Shankopotomus! But, hey, I’m not bitter.

Both the Giants and the Patriots have talented teams with mega star quarterbacks. So the game should be fun to watch. Too bad neither one of them can lay claim to the cutest QB in the NFL. 🙂Ahhh, those dimples.

Both teams do have grouchy head coaches in common. Bill Belichick looks like he’s a Uni-bomber wannabe in that ridiculous hoodie and Tom Coughlin scowls and pops his gum throughout each game. Two Harbaughs coaching in the two championship games and neither one can advance to the Super Bowl to decorate the sidelines?

What’s a girl to do? Watch the commercials, I guess. This year’s crop promises to be interesting. I still LOVE the Volkswagen ad from last year. This year’s VW offering of dogs barking the Star Wars theme is creative and very amusing to taunt my own dog with, but not as fun as little Darth Vader. Matthew Broderick is recreating his Ferris Bueller role in one of the many car ads. The spot is another really creative one, but it’s for a Honda CRV. Really? Ferrari couldn’t step up? The commercial just makes me feel old. Hopefully the E-Trade baby will make me smile. If not, Anheuser Busch paid for nine spots. Those Clydesdales can always be counted on to generate a smile—or a tear. Remember that 9/11 spot?

If the commercials or the game don’t entertain, there’s always the half-time show. Yeah, it’s Madonna this year. What were they thinking? I know no one can top Bruce Springsteen’s performance from a few years ago, but Up With People would have been a better choice. Mark my words, not even a wardrobe malfunction will save this half time show. Fortunately, Kelly Clarkson is singing the National Anthem. An American Idol winner has held that honor four of the last five years. And we all know what happened when an Idol winner didn’t sing it. I contend Christina Aguilera forgot the words last year because she was so awed by the AMAZING performance Lea Michele gave singing America the Beautiful right before. Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have that honor this year, and I am sure they will do the song—and the country—proud.

So, what’s your favorite part of the Super Bowl? The game? The ads? The music? Or Wes Welker’s amazing eyes?

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