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Being in the midst of preparing for vacation myself, preclose accounting at work, and trying to write another book and novella simultaneously, I was not prepared for today’s post.  Eeek!  So I’m gonna wing it.

I’ll skip over the day job drama…no one is interested in that…not even me.

VACATION!!  It being the summer before my daughter’s senior year of high school, she and I are heading to San Antonio, TX tomorrow for a girl’s trip.  We live in SETexas, close to Louisiana, so San Antonio is about a four hour drive to the other side of the state. (Big state…lol)   It has the Riverwalk, and I got us a ridiculously expensive riverview hotel with a balcony, but I figured I’d splurge on the indulgence for once.  So we are going to spend four days walking, shopping and eating and overall general decadence and indulgence with no men to hinder us.  🙂  SO excited!!!

I’m writing and getting excited for RWA in 5 weeks!  Who’s going??

I had a mouse in my kitchen yesterday morning…. Not. Cool.  So hubby has little traps everywhere, and I live in fear of every room I go into.  I don’t cope with the idea of the tiny creature sharing my living space well at all.  Especially when I saw it go under my oven, and then I was doing this to cook last night…

Yeah.  🙂

Okay…that’s all I have.  Sorry for the randomness!!  Have to go get ready for that day job we’re not talking about.  LOL!  Everyone have a great day!!!


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