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Release Week!

It’s release week for book #3 in my Silver Creek series ~ ALL ABOUT YOU

Venetta, Dianne- All About You (final)

Financier Katharine Wainwright is tasked with saving the charity ranch founded by her mother. Facing bankruptcy, the ranch for terminally ill children is a refuge, the one place they can redefine themselves outside of their illness and discover their true power. Canyon Laredo has dedicated his life to the cause. When accused his contribution to salvage the operation is less than adequate, he takes it personally and pushes back.

Frank Dillard currently runs the ranch. A close friend of the Wainwright family, he is central to Katharine’s success. But when crisis strikes, loyalties are divided, forcing Katharine and Canyon to work together toward a common goal: save Wainwright Ranch.

When the unthinkable happens, Katharine is faced with the challenge of her life. Can she survive the ultimate betrayal and restore the sanctuary her mother built? Or will it become nothing more than a memory…

Official release day is Wednesday – check My Books page for purchase details. **Excited** But as every author knows, there is no rest when working on a series and I’m diligently at work on book #4 ~ ONLY WITH YOU ~ an adventure that will take readers high above the mountains of Colorado as a heli-skiing trip goes terribly wrong, leaving it up to two of Silver Creek’s finest to try and save the day. Stay-tuned!



Because of You

Very excited to announce that I just released book #2 in my Silver Creek series, BECAUSE OF YOU, for pre-order!

Venetta, Dianne- Because of You

Animal rights activist Kinsley Fairchild has dedicated her life to the cause and is determined to prevent the Silver Creek Ski Resort from expanding because it will destroy hundreds of acres of pristine land and displace area wildlife. Grant Powell is a business owner in town who stands to benefit from the expansion. More resort equates to more business. He believes the activists have a right to protest, but when his friend’s fur store goes up in flames, it becomes personal.

And must be stopped.

Complicating matters is Sebastian Wu. As Kinsley’s right hand man, Sebastian feels entitled to make decisions in the name of the cause. Unfortunately for her, his decisions are geared toward removing Kinsley from her leadership role, a position he believes belongs to him.

Tangled up in her passion for animals and the affections of a man she never dreamed she’d care for, Kinsley must choose between them. Should she take a chance on love or fight for the cause of her life?

As an animal lover, this book is near and dear to my heart. Hope you enjoy!! Special promo price of $0.99 is available on pre-orders only.

What Color is Your December ?

For many, the answer is probably white as in snow. Others might be red and green, glittery gold and silver, perhaps some shiny tinsel and colorful ornaments? Maybe blue for Hanukkah. Mine is green and lots of it.

sugar snap peas are thriving

Green grass, green trees and beautiful green leaves in my vegetable garden. One of the most wonderful things about living in Central Florida can be found in my garden. Not too hot, not too-too cold, December is a great time to be outside.

green harvest

Doesn’t matter if I’m harvesting or weeding, I love it. Right now I have kale, peppers, sugar snap peas, lettuce, onions, garlic, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage and the last of my tomatoes and zucchini. Come January I’ll plant some red and white potatoes, but until then, I’m simply going to enjoy the green of the season. Find out how and what I’m doing with all this harvest on my blog over at BloominThyme.

December salad

How about you? Any garden to speak of this time of year?

Shark Week Begins!

With the onset of shark week, I feel myself counting my blessings. Not only is the closest beach to my home, New Smyrna Beach, also known as the shark attack capital of the world, but my family is facing some life challenges serious enough to scare anyone. Way more than a silly old shark bite.


Aging stinks, but it beats the alternative. That’s what I tell myself, anyway. I’d rather be alive, aches and pains and all as opposed to being six feet underground. Life is good. Challenging, but good. For me, all is well at this point. I can still keep up with my kids and for any mom, that’s a huge marker in life.

My aging father is facing that major change in life, when one must transition from working professional to retired…retired…what? Who? Who are we when we give up our life-long adult identity?

It’s a tough question for men, one becoming equally tough for women with every passing generation. We, as writers, explore these issues for characters, but what about our own lives? Personally, I feel like writing is something I can do forever. It’s not physical. Age won’t be a factor in who gets the job. It’s about creativity. Mental capability. I’m growing older and wiser, right?

Aches and pains need not apply. My craft is mental. Except in the event I lose my faculties. Alzheimer’s, dementia…who knows what afflictions could await me down the road. What if I find myself at a place where I can no longer write? I’m not planning on it, but it could happen…

It would be tough. Real tough. And when I think about “me” in a place where I can no longer follow and “do” my passion, how would I feel?

Defeated, which opens the door to illness. “Hello aches and pains!” Looks like your back, in full force.

Old age isn’t for kids. It’s hard business. Can suck the life out of you, if you let it. I choose the alternative. Count my blessings, share them with others. Fight the good fight as long as I can while enjoying one heckuva ride!

you can almost here them...

Life is good. Family, friends, writing to my heart’s content. In the end, that’s what matters. Looking back over the path you’ve taken and being able to say, “Good. It’s been a good ride. Challenging, tricky at times, but good. I’m still here.” Turning to the path ahead and deciding, “I’m ready. Give me all you’ve got. I’m not afraid of you. Sharks, yes. The future, no. I’m going for it.”



I don’t know about you, but I love blueberries. On my yogurt, in my cereal, plucked straight off the bush. They’re delicious and healthy and only have one downside. They stain your teeth. Ugh. Bring a toothbrush out to the garden, right? A little staining isn’t going to stop me from enjoying this delectable fruit!

delectable blueberries

And now I have my very own blueberry orchard. Sort of. A dozen or so bushes might not qualify for orchard status, but it does around my house. Now that the birds and I are on good terms–they don’t eat my blueberries and I don’t let my son scare them with his arsenal of boy tricks and tactics–we have complete harmony. Every morning on my way to the garden, I stop by the blueberry patch and pluck a handful of sweet blues.

plump blueberry

Really beautiful… And fairly easy to grow. You need a mix of varieties to ensure good pollination and the proper mix of fertilizer, say a 12-4-8. Blueberries prefer a slightly acidic soil (4.0 – 5.0pH), which is why I use pine bark mulch. Prune during the summer months after harvest for a more vigorous growth, and come winter, they’ll be ready to “chill.” Did you know that blueberry bushes need a certain number of hours at cold temps in order to set blossoms? They do! Hours generally range from 200 – 500 in temperatures around 32 – 45 degrees F. Interesting.

bluberries yet to blue.

Anyhoo. If you like, blueberries, these plants are worth a try.

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