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The Holiday Traditions; They Are A Changing

It’s Christmas Eve-Eve and the preparations are all done except for the cooking.  In our house, Christmas is celebrated over three days: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day (or pajama day as we like to call it.)  The evening before Christmas Eve has been traditionally reserved for a family dinner, maybe dessert with whichever family friends are in town, followed by a favorite holiday movie.  Of course, that was before my kids got social lives of their own.  So tonight, the slumlord and I will venture out among the hordes of shoppers to grab dinner and possibly a movie. (I’m hoping for Sherlock Holmes 2.)

Although I’ll enjoy an evening out, I can’t help but be a little nostalgic about the traditions seeming to slip away as my children get older.  Let’s face it, I love those campy holiday movies.  Oh, and spending time with the kids, that’s good, too. 🙂 But without them around, I have no reason to watch The Santa Clause, or my favorite, The Santa Clause 2, the Mrs. Clause.  (The Santa Clause 3 movie doesn’t even deserve a mention as I am still waiting for the film’s maker to send me a refund for having to sit through the movie in the theater!)

On Christmas Eve, we’ll watch It’s a Wonderful Life together after church.  It’s just not Christmas without it.  Of course, if my son decides to go to a late night service with friends, that’ll really muck up my plans. And if we don’t watch it together, will it still be Christmas?  What’s a mom to do?

Maybe my husband and I will just skip the movie tonight and I’ll make him watch a bunch of the Christmas classics with me: Holiday Inn and Miracle on 34th Street (not the original one with Natalie Wood, but the 1994 version with Dylan Mcdermott, yum!)  The last time I subjected him to a holiday film marathon, he fell asleep—and that was 20 years ago!  Well, I will have Dylan to look at as a consolation.

I could have my husband choose the holiday movies, but he’d pick Trading Places or Die Hard.  Not exactly the Christmas feeling I am going for.  For that matter, neither are Silent Night, Bloody Night or Jack Frost.  Horror films for Christmas—yuck!  Change the channel to TNT or USA Network to catch the round clock showings of A Christmas Story or Christmas Vacation.  Neither is a particular must-see holiday favorite of mine, but I’d rather watch those films over Fred Claus or Jingle All the Way-both are forgettable.  If my kids were gracing us with their presence they’d argue over their two holiday standbys:  Home Alone and Elf. 

Elf would win, which brings us to our next family tradition:  Christmas Eve breakfast, prepared each year by my daughter’s Elf on a Shelf.  Since everyone else shared holiday recipes this week, here’s our silly one:

A Very Elf Breakfast


Lots of maple syrup

Candy Corn

Sprinkles (a ton)

Mini-marshmellows (1 handful)

Hershey’s chocolate syrup (a lot)

M&M’s (3 handfuls)

Frosted Chocolate Fudge Pop-Tarts (2 crumbled)

Cook spaghetti according to directions on the box and let stand.

Mix it together and enjoy!

Seriously, what’s your favorite holiday movie?  What movie are you most looking forward to seeing at the theater this holiday season?  Only two more days until War Horse!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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