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Why Do Police Stop Cars

Have you ever been pulled over by the police?  I would imagine almost everyone has been involved in that nerve-wracking experience.  The last time I heard the bleep-bleep of the police siren and the vroom-vroom of the huge motorcycle, I knew before he came up to my window what he was going to say.

The intersection I’d just driven through was regulated by stop lights and the color was yellow – ish.  It had yet to turn red and I didn’t want to slam on my brakes, so I revved the engine a bit to make my left turn, pushing me over the 25 mph speed limit.  I accepted the ticket with a smile, knowing I was in the wrong.  I don’t recall what it cost me, but it was in the hundreds of dollars.

There have been other instances I’ve received a ticket, but they didn’t involve the police. I had parked on the street and didn’t notice a half-block away there was a tiny kiosk where I was supposed to pay by the hour then put the ticket inside the car for the traffic officer to see.  There was no sign informing me I should have walked down the street and paid to park, but that didn’t matter.  It was “my bad”.

Have you ever been pulled over?  If you have, would you be willing to reveal your story?

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