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When the Prom Isn’t About the Dance

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Let’s face it, high school proms have been less about the actual dancing for years–maybe even decades.  Instead they’re all about the glitzy dresses (one school is actually making girls submit a photo of their dress beforehand just to ensure their appropriateness), crowded limo rides and after-party shenanigans.  But one aspect of the prom experience is relatively new and, in my opinion (I know the haters are gonna hate here) has relegated the actual prom to even more of an after thought.  I’m talking about the Promposal.  (I’m pretty sure this word evolved from the Facebook lexicon, but I’m stealing it here.)

What is up with all these elaborate Promposals?  Whatever happened to the girl who sits next to you in Chemistry telling you that so and so is going to ask you to the prom and you either give a thumbs up or a gag me, no way, thumbs down?  I can tell you what happened.  Mothers with too much time on their hands, social media and Pinterest.  (I told you the haters were going to come after me!)  Seriously, what teenage guy thinks of cordoning off a driveway with crime tape, drawing a chalk outline of a body and holding a poster that reads:  I’ll just die if you don’t go to prom with me?  In my day, that would so NOT be the guy I went to prom with.

We had two brave teenage boys ride into the estrogen charged barn this spring to leave notes on girl’s horses asking them to prom.  Was it cute?  Yes, it was.  But seriously, how are they going to make a boring old dance live up to the hype of such a thoughtful Promposal?

boomboxMy personal favorite this year (because I LOVED the movie) was a kid re-enacting John Cusack’s boom box scene from Say Anything.  The movie is older than any of the kids doing the asking, however, which probably explains why it resonated with the moms.  (Are you seeing my point?)

Worst Promposal I ever heard of:  The boy who showed up to ask a girl to prom with bouquet of flowers and–wait for it–a puppy.  Let me repeat.  A. Puppy.  Note to all the boys out there:  DO NOT show up to my house bringing a puppy for my daughter. EVER.  Now, if you want to show up with a 17-hand equitation horse, we’ll talk.

So what do you think of the Promposal?  Am I just over-reacting?  Have you heard of any cute ones?  Or crazy ones?

The Eerie Feeling I’m Being Tracked…

Have you ever been surfing the internet, leaping from site to site, forgot where you left off last only to have your web browser remember for you?  Or whatever remembers for you?

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I’ll admit it.  I don’t know how all this web stuff works, but I do know they’re tracking my every movement.  No big deal coming from the woman who’s certain she’s made the “list” somewhere along the way, but seriously.  Am I crazy?  Paranoid?

I don’t think so.  I have a few WordPress blogs, a couple of websites using WordPress platform (though not accessed via  But when it came time to write my post for this week, I was denied access.  Denied access?  I practically saw red lights flashing around me, horns blasting “intruder!”  What do you mean denied access?

And then I read a bit further.  Seems I was logged in as “gardenfrisk” ~~ my garden blog persona.  Yep.  Not only do I multi-task, I multi-alias to boot!  No wonder I feel crazy–half the time I don’t know if I’m the author of romantic fiction or the organic gardener-extraordinaire.  Am I mom today, or career gal?  Incognito, or looking for attention and promo opportunities at every turn?

Phew.  This social media business can be downright exhausting.  Adding to this is my new venture into Pinterest.  Ever heard of it?  It’s all the rage.  Though I still haven’t convinced myself to sign on for the “Pin It” button action.  My web security detail, Mr. McAfee, doesn’t approve.  And if he doesn’t approve, I don’t approve.

So how I can remain part of the “in” crowd?  Guess I’ll have to upload and “pin it” photos myself, the old-fashioned way.  Is it worth it?  Well, that depends on what you’re after.  I was recently “discovered” by Pinterest because a member decided to “share” (hence, pin)  one of my garden blog photos to her Pinterest board.  I had over 500 hits that day!

Incredible.  If those numbers aren’t enough to make you look twice, I don’t know what is.  So I blinked.  I looked.  And now I’ll wade my way through yet another fabulous, revolutionizing social media site.  How about you?  Is it worth it?  Or is it merely a part of a greater, sinister plot?

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