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The Keeper Shelf

rarmRomance reviewer and blogger Bobbi Dumas asked me to participate in her third annual Read a Romance Month which runs throughout the month of August.  This year’s theme is “The Joy of Romance”.  Ninety-three romance authors will share their thoughts on what brings them joy. Did I mention that there will also be lots of prizes?  You should definitely stop by the site daily.

In preparing my blog, I was going through my extensive “keeper shelf”.  You’d think that with the advent of ereaders, I wouldn’t need an actual keeper shelf.  You’d be wrong.  Part of my “joy of romance” is knowing some of my favorite books are within arms reach.  I was, however, a little surprised at the, ahem, age of some of these books.

summer rainfallOne of the books that started it all for me was this one, published by Harlequin in 1976.  It takes place in the Australian Outback and for years I dreamed of traveling to that remote part of the world and meeting my happily ever after guy.  A wealthy rancher who also happens to be a veterinarian.  Be still my teenage heart.  The pages are yellow, but that hasn’t stopped me reading it this century.  Hard to believe the book is going to be forty years old and it still resonates.

posessionsAlso among my stash is this gripping read by husband and wife novelists Judith Michael.  There’s a story behind this book.  It was my senior year in college and I lived in an on-campus apartment with three other women.  I don’t recall who bought the book (if it wasn’t me, possession is nine-tenth of the law, ladies!) but you can see who ended up with it.  I don’t remember when I read it last, but I do remember the first time.  In fact, three of us were reading it at the same time.  We’d hand it off to one another between classes, comparing notes and trying not to spoil it for the next person.  I went on to read several of the couples’ other books later on, but none of them stuck around on my keeper shelf.  I’m fairly certain that this one holds a place of honor for sentimental reasons.  I think it might be time for a reunion and re-read of the book!

Tell me about your keeper shelf?  Do any of the books have special significance?

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