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Random chaos and Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion

In the spirit of the momentum I’m living right now, I’m opening the door and inviting you all inside the chaos of my thoughts.

Fair warning, it’s crazy in there.

Deep breath…

My novella JUST ONE DAY just went live at Barnes & Noble,

and I’m trying to figure out how to drive traffic to it and possibly get reviews and possibly get more readers while setting up further promo going for BEFORE AND EVER SINCE

which comes out November 6th.  I have to set up a blog tour and Twitter party for release day, which I’ve kinda sorta done.  By that, I mean I’ve contacted the lady and asked just enough questions to thoroughly confuse and overwhelm myself, and now she waits for all my wisdom-filled answers that I honestly do not have and am too chicken to admit.

I’m supposed to be working on my next novel-slash-possible-series but the push and pull of the novella have split my brain into too many sections.  My daughter is a senior in high school and fighting grades and the teenage drama of her life, while I’m trying to go to everything, be everything she needs, help my husband run his cockatiel aviary and go to bird shows with him.  Which is cool because he goes to signings with me, too.  🙂   And now I just found out that my daughter needs all –yes, all–her wisdom teeth pulled.  Before Christmas.  Because, hey, why the heck not.  We have nothing else interesting going on.  I haven’t looked at the possibility of Christmas gifts yet, and I’m wondering if a giant buy of lotion at Bath & Body will cover everyone on my list.  I mean, my husband might not appreciate it, but he’d smell good, right?

Oh, and my job.

Every day, there’s that.  I mean, thank God, every day there’s that.  But yanno.

Deep breath!!!

Okay, I feel better.  I’ve been looking for a way to just let all that out!  LOL!!

So…let me in on YOUR inner chaos.  What’s going on with you?

Stealth mission needed…

I have to ‘fess up.  I love dogs and like cats, and am basically an animal lover in general.  Rarely will I pass up a chance to pet something furry, and baby-anythings just do me in completely. 

My old lady dog, Ruby…proof of my love…


I’ll refrain from posting a picture of what has become the bain of my existence lately.  🙂

Something…some sweet little something…is leaving presents on my front porch.  Every day.  Every single solitary day, I get a new smelly pile, not in the yard–not on the sidewalk–RIGHT smack in front of my front door.

People not thinking to look down as they leave by way of the front door, step right in it.  Even better, they step in it as they are walking IN, unaware of what just transpired.  I’m thinking, why on earth do these people smell so bad? 

My happiness runneth over.

And the thing is, I can’t figure it out!  I never hear it outside my door, I’m never there to catch it.  Old Lady Dog, Ruby, doesn’t hear or smell much anymore, so unless it’s the mailman invading the house by sliding paper things through the slot in the wall, thereby sending her into a viscious frenzy, she isn’t aware of it. 

My neighborhood does lend itself to strays, but this is a repeat offender.  This is no passing happenstance of a free-faring Fido.  My porch has a kind of railing around it, you have to walk around to enter it, and it dead ends there.  You have to then turn around to walk out.  Something is making the conscious choice to make the effort.

Why?  Because the large lush green front yard it has to stroll through to get to the hot hard concrete porch isn’t tweaking its little urges?

It’s taunting me.   I’ll keep you updated.  🙂

Ommmm… Ommmm…



Being in the midst of preparing for vacation myself, preclose accounting at work, and trying to write another book and novella simultaneously, I was not prepared for today’s post.  Eeek!  So I’m gonna wing it.

I’ll skip over the day job drama…no one is interested in that…not even me.

VACATION!!  It being the summer before my daughter’s senior year of high school, she and I are heading to San Antonio, TX tomorrow for a girl’s trip.  We live in SETexas, close to Louisiana, so San Antonio is about a four hour drive to the other side of the state. (Big state…lol)   It has the Riverwalk, and I got us a ridiculously expensive riverview hotel with a balcony, but I figured I’d splurge on the indulgence for once.  So we are going to spend four days walking, shopping and eating and overall general decadence and indulgence with no men to hinder us.  🙂  SO excited!!!

I’m writing and getting excited for RWA in 5 weeks!  Who’s going??

I had a mouse in my kitchen yesterday morning…. Not. Cool.  So hubby has little traps everywhere, and I live in fear of every room I go into.  I don’t cope with the idea of the tiny creature sharing my living space well at all.  Especially when I saw it go under my oven, and then I was doing this to cook last night…

Yeah.  🙂

Okay…that’s all I have.  Sorry for the randomness!!  Have to go get ready for that day job we’re not talking about.  LOL!  Everyone have a great day!!!


Happy Leap Year!!

Ohhhhh so random today.  Yesterday I kept falling back to the “what will I post tomorrow” thoughts, and apparently my head is too full of things springboarding in all directions to focus on one.

I’m blaming it on Leap Year.  We have this extra day and I think it’s throwing everything off.  That’s why I’m so fuzzy, right?

My next story is finally starting to flesh out in my thoughts, and while that is the yummiest part, it also tends to fill up every possible nook and cranny that isn’t taken by worries of what-the-heck-do-I-do to promote book one.  And did my newly driving daughter make it to school okay.  And crap I still have to read up on how to do my taxes now.  And how do I set up a contest on Goodreads.  And why won’t my boss quit coming in my office…doesn’t he know I don’t have TIME to do this meaningless-yet-pays-the-bills-job right now?  I mean, really!!  So bear with me if I ramble.  *frowning as I realize how often I say that*

Since I can’t seem to narrow down a thought process today…my ADHD is in full bloom.  I’m going to open the floor to all of YOUR thoughts.   What are you planning to do with this extra day of the year?  


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