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Shopping in January?

You won’t find me in the clearance racks this month. No way. I’m relaxing on my sofa, perusing the pages of a plethora of seed catalogs arriving in my mail box. Yep, it’s time to buy your seeds. If you haven’t been seed saving, that is. Gardening might be a new adventure for you. A resolution of sorts, that coincides nicely with your resolution to lose weight, get healthy and stay active.

seed shopping

However, my resolution this year runs more along the lines of increased productivity. Looking back, I realized I only produced two novels in 2014. Two–after a gangbuster year in 2013 when I turned out five. But writing a series can do that to you. It’s sort of like writing one really long saga which makes it much easier on the thought process.

But this year I’m getting back to the keyboard with an ambitious plan. Not only will I publish three novels — a continuation of my new series, Sliver Creek — but I also intend to introduce a children’s garden book. Part fiction, part how-to, it’s a project I’ve been working on for quite a while but am finally ready to release. Woohoo — chalk up another tally in that productivity column!


Hm. This resolution thing is working out already! And I get to ogle the ruby red tomatoes and luscious green leaves of basil. Definitely an uplifting experience for any bleak January day. Even in Central Florida we get those cloudy skies…today, case in point.

Gotta love a fresh start. How about you? Is your agenda moving green this year?

New Year’s Wishes



Happy New Year!!

Well, we’ve done it!  Checked off another year.  In looking back, 2012 was good to me.  I published two books and a novella, and my husband was able to retire (nothing to do with me, he just hit his own awesomeness. lol)

And we all survived the Mayan Apocolypse!!  How much do we rock?



Going forward.

What are your plans for 2013?  I’ve decided not to call mine resolutions.  I never keep those.  I’m calling mine Wishes.  Because last year’s wishes came true.

My first wish is to get healthy.  Not lose weight, although that is very needed… just get healthy.  Hopefully one will follow the other.  My second one is to write at least two new books this year.  My third is going to be the most trying…  My baby girl will be graduating high school this year and going into the Navy on July 9.  Boot camp in Chicago for 9 weeks, A-school in California for 12 weeks, and then first tour overseas.  I’m very close to my daughter, and we talk in depth every day.  I’m going to be a LUNATIC not talking to her!  LOL!  So my third wish is that I can be very brave when she leaves for the Navy.

My fourth wish is that this time next year I can say I did all these things.  🙂

What are your wishes for the new year?




This is my last post for 2011 and I think it may just be the most fun.  I know many people are on vacation and may not have time to be on their computers, might not be reading all the blogs they usually subscribe to, or won’t have the inclination to comment to ANOTHER blog about New Year’s resolutions.  However, I’d love to hear what others are deciding to do that’s new for the coming year.

Mine?  I thought about this one quite a bit.  I wanted to have a resolution that I could use every single day, without fail, and that was fairly simple, though not easy, and would be able to make a difference in my life for an entire year.

I resolve to try my best to be more positive and replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

There.  I’ve written it down.  And anyone who’s reading this post has seen my 2012 New Year’s resolution.  Maybe that will enhance my resolve to put it into effect, not to forget it, to act on it each and every day.  I read once that the number of negative thoughts a person has each day can be in the hundreds.  If I try to counter every thought with a positive one, I should be a happier person and therefore a better wife, mother, and friend.

How about you?  What is the one resolution you wouldn’t mind sharing with the rest of us?

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