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Release Week!

It’s release week for book #3 in my Silver Creek series ~ ALL ABOUT YOU

Venetta, Dianne- All About You (final)

Financier Katharine Wainwright is tasked with saving the charity ranch founded by her mother. Facing bankruptcy, the ranch for terminally ill children is a refuge, the one place they can redefine themselves outside of their illness and discover their true power. Canyon Laredo has dedicated his life to the cause. When accused his contribution to salvage the operation is less than adequate, he takes it personally and pushes back.

Frank Dillard currently runs the ranch. A close friend of the Wainwright family, he is central to Katharine’s success. But when crisis strikes, loyalties are divided, forcing Katharine and Canyon to work together toward a common goal: save Wainwright Ranch.

When the unthinkable happens, Katharine is faced with the challenge of her life. Can she survive the ultimate betrayal and restore the sanctuary her mother built? Or will it become nothing more than a memory…

Official release day is Wednesday – check My Books page for purchase details. **Excited** But as every author knows, there is no rest when working on a series and I’m diligently at work on book #4 ~ ONLY WITH YOU ~ an adventure that will take readers high above the mountains of Colorado as a heli-skiing trip goes terribly wrong, leaving it up to two of Silver Creek’s finest to try and save the day. Stay-tuned!



Gone Fishing


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I’m out today. No work at the office, no duties at home.

But I haven’t really gone fishing… I’ve gone on a field trip with Littlest!

We’ll be learning about agriculture and visiting a petting zoo, then going to a Kansas City rodeo. We’ll eat sack lunches and wear nametags, hold hands so as not to get lost from one another, talk excitedly, listen carefully, and have a grand ol’ elementary-school-day time.

I love to go on field trips with my girls. It’s fulfilling to experience the special day with them, be around their friends, people-watching, making memories. I’m fortunate to be able to tag along.

Have you been a school chaperone before? What sorts of field trips have you attended, or school events have you overseen? What’s most memorable?

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