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What Is It About Flowers?

They don’t produce foodstuff like my vegetables.  Generally speaking.  There are those out there among us who eat flowers, but not this “us.”  Unless it’s the bloom from my basil and then yes, I’m all about eating flowers.

Some blooms don’t even produce fragrance.  Take my geraniums, for instance.  I think it’s the leaves that carry the familiar smell from my grandmother’s garden, the distinct scent that can transport a girl back to her youth, back to a Sunday drive along Lakeshore Drive in Michigan where geraniums line front porches in Traverse City, sweep the grounds of the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island…

Flowers are very potent.  Memorable.  Not only can they fill your senses with their bouquet of color, but they’ll bring a smile to your face.  My mother was known for her gardenia.  Once a year she’d clip the white beauties and carry them indoors, their heavy perfume infusing the house with their presence.  We kids could always count on finding her in a good mood when she was clipping her gardenia.

And if your friend is in the hospital?  What better gift than a gargantuan sunflower?

How about some of my favorite gerber daisies?

One can’t help but feel better when surrounded by flowers.  And I think that might be their purpose.  Flowers are on this earth to fill our hearts with charity, bring smiles to our faces, share love with those near and dear and of course, make our world a brighter, more beautiful space. 

But don’t discount their practical functionality altogether!  As a gardener I can tell you:  plant marigolds around your vegetables and flowers and you’ll not have to worry about underground marauders.  These gorgeous blooms of sunshine make the best companions because they repel critters like nematodes and whiteflies.  Have you heard better news today?

“Not I!” said the rose to the fly.

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