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Coffee, Tea, or…Not

Just got back from Starbuck’s coffee house with my decaf-latte-tall-extra-extra-hot in my hand and was literally moaning at how good it tasted.  The white creamy foam was sweetened with the tons of sugar I’d mixed in, the coffee not too strong yet lightly evident.  I loved it.  It’s a treat I don’t allow myself every day.  At $2.75, although it costs less than the almost $5 a gallon I pay for gas, I don’t buy a cup every single day.

My sister-in-law drinks tea.  Lipton tea.  I could understand if she drank some exotic blend of Jasmine with Peppermint Root or something, but Lipton?   I don’t know how she finds that tasty when compared to the luscious treats you can drink at Starbuck’s and Peet’s.  There’s just something special about the scent that assails your senses when you walk into a buzzing coffee house.  There’s no comparison to the Folger’s crystals that you scoop out of the glass jar and add hot water, at home.

What’s your preference?  Coffee?  Tea?  Or…?

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