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Sexy Kisses

As I revise the covers for my original romantic women’s fiction series, I wonder what makes a kiss sexy? Scrolling through photo after photo in search of the perfect couple, I’m tantalized by all the seductive imagery. Positions and intimations, illusions and insinuations. With characters in my mind, I know exactly what I’m looking for.

Young lovers in bed kissing.

Unfortunately, as with anything in life, the more I look and see, the more I become desensitized to the power and appeal. Lips and hands, eyes and teeth. What will my readers think? What will they want to see? After a while, the analytical part of my brain kicks in and I find myself asking the question, what makes for a sexy kiss?


Mouth closed or lips parted? Easy submission or playing hard to get? Faces, no faces? Up against the wall, in the ocean, alone in a bedroom? How about the emotion exuded? Sweet and smiley or spicy and daring?

I guess kisses are one of those very personal things in life. What appeals to one person doesn’t appeal to the next. Kisses vary in mood and degree, depth and emotion. What lights an inferno in one woman might not spark the smallest flame in another. I fire up while you fizzle.

At the beach

It is fun to think about, though. Kinda like writing a romance. I get in the heads of my characters, get them to act out in all those crazy ways I would not. I think that’s what makes writing so enjoyable for me. It’s never boring—unless you make it so. It’s never the same adventure twice—unless you become burned out on the subject. It’s fun and lively or dark and scary—writer’s choice.

I love it! And I love kisses. 😉 Can’t wait to share ALL my new covers with you!

ORLANDO PUBLIC LIBRARY ~ Romancing the Authors Book Signing August 2012

This weekend was the Orlando Public Library Book Signing Event and what fun!  Several area romance authors were on hand for book signing as well as meet and greet.  For me it was a double pleasure, because not only did I get to see my readers, I was able to reconnect with author friends from the Central Florida Romance Chapter like steamy author Wynter Daniels and YA writer Jax Cassidy, aka my cover designer.

Which is so valuable to me as a writer.  I spend so much time holed away in my office crafting novels, I don’t get out much! Kids think it’s so uncool.  But they enjoyed hearing stories about my readers!

My number one twitter friend stopped in today with her daughter which was so great–especially in light of the fact that my own daughter was supposed to be in attendance with me, but ditched me last minute for a sleepover!  Go figure.

And here’s a lovely Bloomin’ Warrior sporting her fabulous T-shirt and smile.  Talk about excitement, I’m not sure who was more excited to be there, her or me! (What’s a Bloomin’ Warrior?  Find out here.)

But in reality it really was a pleasure.  And more proof that it’s a small world out there.  One of my fellow romance authors signing today, Maria Geraci, was a member a my spring Authors in Bloom Blog Hop AND it turns out, good friends with a girlfriend of mine who lives in the Orlando area.

WOW.  How neat is that?  In my book, very.  As was meeting all the new readers, a few of which were also gardening fans!  Great day.  Simply great.  Thank you all for coming and look forward to the next signing. 🙂

Where Characters Come Alive

Went to Miami this weekend for a “book” tour (introducing myself to the local bookstores with my new release) and snapped some shots.  Miami is the setting for my novels Jennifer’s Garden, Lust on the Rocks and the most recent release, Whisper Privileges so I thought it would be fun to share some pics today!

This house would be right at home in Jennifer Hamilton’s neighborhood of Coral Gables where most of the homes share this Mediterranean theme.

Ocean Drive is where Sam and Vic take their first romantic stroll on the beach after dinner…

And La Carreta is a restaurant in the area of Miami known as Little Havana, where many Cubans have settled and serve up their specialties, much like Sydney Flores shared with Clay.

Afterward, she dropped him off at his Coral Gables hotel (not far from Jennifer’s home).

This view is more than the Miami skyline, one of these high rises is where Sam calls home.

Jennifer, Sam and Sydney have driven along Old Cutler many times…

And admired the Poinciana trees in and around homes and parks —

— many found in and around Coconut Grove and the Coco Walk Plaza where Sydney and Clay dine together. 

All in all it was a fun walk back through time for me.  Originally from the area, a lot has changed but the essence remains the same.  If you’ve never been to the Miami area, be sure to hit some of these neighborhoods.  You won’t be sorry. 🙂

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