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New Beginning and a Cover Reveal

The new year is a time for new beginnings. But with every new beginning comes an ending, and sometimes endings are bittersweet. That’s where we find ourselves with the Women Unplugged blog. We’ve got exciting projects taking us in different directions, and we’re redirecting our efforts.

I’m leaving Women Unplugged to focus on my personal blog and my new career as an indie women’s fiction author. My debut novel, Coronado Beach, will be released this summer. Here’s a little peek.

Book cover showing a wedding bouquet lying on a beach.

High-spirited public defender Karina Fields has found her dream job helping the indigent. Next on her agenda: romance. Trouble is, her faith in love has been shaken by the breakup of her sister’s marriage. Now, Karina’s ex-brother-in-law, Alex Kent, is moving from the cold marble world of D.C. back to the sand and blue waters of San Diego. He takes a job alongside her at the public defender’s office. Her instinct is to protect her sister from the ex-husband who bailed instead of fighting for their marriage. But Karina soon sees that he’s overwhelmed with grief over the violent crime that took the life of his unborn daughter and ended his marriage.

When a desperate client assaults Karina, Alex tackles and disarms him. Vibrating with terror, she cries in Alex’s arms, and a stolen kiss surprises them both. She doesn’t even like Alex—how can she be attracted to him? Despite her lingering desire, an entanglement with him would destroy her relationship with her sister. Karina’s following an old pattern: she’s drawn to men who need fixing. She won’t find the right man if she keeps falling for the wrong ones, and she can’t heal her family until she heals herself.

To learn about my new releases, be sure to sign up for my fan list. And if you’d like to receive free read-for-review copies before they’re released, join my ARC club.

You can also follow my Write with Personality blog, which was recently featured on BookRiot and Jami Gold‘s blog. It focuses on topics related to writing and personality type.

I’ve enjoyed my time at Women Unplugged and treasure the friends I’ve made here. I’m on Facebook almost every day, so this isn’t good-bye. See you around the Web!

Merry Christmas

There’s no place more beautiful at Christmastime than Amsterdam. None. Granted, this city is one of my favorite places on the planet so I might be biased, but take a look and decide for yourself.

Whatever you celebrate and wherever you are, I hope your days are filled with  love and laughter and joy.

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Summer’s Almost Over

For many, school has already started. For others, school will begin next week. Summer is coming to an end, though we still have Labor Day to celebrate on September 1st.

We just returned from vacation at Stinson Beach. This small town of about 450 people is on the coast of California about an hour north of the Golden Gate Bridge. We rented a house on the beach and it was so wonderful to step out onto the sand from the enclosed back yard – which was great for the dogs!

I came back home and felt depressed. It’s the first time that’s happened to me. Granted, it could have had something to do with the fact the world lost Robin Williams. I loved that guy. Being a peer, it saddened me even more. He gave so much of himself to us. I’ll miss him.

So the same week we were at the beach I discovered it was Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. We didn’t see any sharks but we saw pods of dolphins as well as sea otters. Now, that was awesome.

Did anyone do anything exciting you’d like to tell us about? It doesn’t have to be about a vacation. It can be anything.

A Sad Day For The Mafia


I’m guessing there are many readers who would have qualms about feeling sorry for anyone affiliated with the Mafia. However in this case I’m referring to one of my favorite actors James Gandolfini. I watched The Sopranos in its early years then stopped for some reason. I began following the re-runs about three months ago.


As a writer I became extraordinarily intrigued by how in the heck David Chase made me like, no, made me love Tony Soprano. Every evening at eight o’clock I turned on HBO and watched the series unfold from beginning to the very last episode. There were brutal murders (hits ordered by Tony), terrible beatings (also by Tony’s request), extra-marital affairs (featuring Tony himself), violence toward women (involving Tony and his mistresses).

Yet David Chase allowed us to enter the psychiatrist’s office where Tony opened up and revealed his soul. Tony had a soft side to him. He loved animals, be they ducks or horses or the dog his father took from him when he was a young boy. Tony couldn’t stand it when someone mistreated an animal. And he never hit his wife Carmela though she often dared him to do so during their frequent violent arguments. Carmela and Tony’s nephew Christopher were the only ones who could stand up to Tony and not back down.

The viewer ends up rooting for Tony Soprano. Loving him. Liking him.

James Gandolfini could turn our hearts with a look. A tiny facial expression and I could laugh, cry, or nod with complete understanding.

James died last week at the age of 51 of a massive heart attack.

And I am so sad.

When Your Child Becomes Your Tenant…


Opinions abound on this subject and I’d like to hear your views. Many of you are mothers and perhaps have children who have graduated high school. I have a 19-year-old son Dylan. Believe me, I’ve gotten all kinds of advice but I find it intriguing how varied the views are on this topic.

Of course as a parent I want Dylan to learn how to be responsible which is why my husband and I told him after he graduated high school he had to do two things: go to college and get a job. He’s done both. Now he’s saving for a car and his father has said he’ll help him buy one, perhaps matching dollar-for-dollar what Dylan saves.

People have told me we should at least charge him a hundred dollars or so for room and board and perhaps make him do his own wash and cooking and take the bus wherever he wants to go, i.e. no more dependence on me.

I have a hard time suddenly classifying my son as a “tenant”, i.e. that I should charge him rent to live in his own home just because he no longer attends high school.

What do you all think about this?

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