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How Often and How Much?

I’ve been reading a lot lately about how a writer should write every single day.  That we should set a goal of X amount of words and work toward that diligently.  That writing X amount of words a day multiplied by 365 days a year will surely lead to a book (or two). I know all rules are not for everybody.  That no one can tell you how you should write or what you should write or what time you should write.  Duh!  But after reading so many of these posts by authors and agents and everyone else on the planet, I am almost itching inside to find out what my fellow writers think about this.

Why?  Because I do not and never have done it this way.  I’ve written four books, one published and one to be published sometime this year, and I don’t adhere to this “rule” and never have and can’t picture doing it, given my personal life, family, and whatever else is going on in my world.  When I finally get an idea for a book I’ll start and I’ll write until it’s finished.  Then I revise “til the cows come home” and then revise some more.  Then months may go by where all I’m doing is social media, blog tours, querying agents, etc… and I’m not writing at all.  I let my brain have a rest and when I get inspired I go for it all over again and start another book.  But this in-your-face rule about writing every day has made me feel so guilty and like such a loser in the writing world, I’d like to know what you do.  What do you think about this rule?

Thanks so much for commenting.

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